Sunday, April 17, 2011


Oh my! What a week it has been, full of surprises, full of emotional up and downs, full of love and huggy times, full of smiles and full of tears. Not really sure where to begin, maybe I should do it as I do every week just getting through one day at a time. The beginning of the week was pretty calm and then it seems all just got  crammed into the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, well it went a little bit out of control. I had some very good times this week even though it was busier than it is to my own liking, and a few smiles to go with that and well Saturday seemed to have taken it's toll with everything kind of just sinking in and trying to find the nerves and mojo for the next week, which will be crammed full everyday without exception. So my usual trip to the farm had to be delayed til Wednesday because I worked Tuesday afternoon, but that ended up being a good day to go. I was busy with pricing items for the boutique and doing some office work, then there were some pleasant interruptions and those just made my day. I left for the farm right after I dropped Pookie of at school, thought I might as well get used to going right away as I will do so come May anyway. So I arrived there early and went for a visit down to the barn. Roberta and Solo are back from the OVC and Roberta seems to be doing fine. She has several big patches of fur shaven off where they did ultrasounds, tests and treatments through for her bladder stone. Solo, well Solo is still Solo and we still have no real diagnosis of what is wrong with him, that is worrisome but he seems to be a trooper, and for anybody who knows Solo, he definitely is not the best donkey to have to be treated for anything, he is his own little master and has things his way and it's a little bit difficult at times to convince him otherwise. So my hat goes off to staff and vets who are dealing with him, he is a tough nut to crack. And nuts he can go under those circumstances. Afterwards I worked in the boutique for a little and had a nice visit with Terri the DSC Educator and we visited the donkeys again as she wanted to familiarize herself with them again, she really hasn't been out much in the winter, due to family obligations, but is now back in the swing of things. I will be taking over Terri's job at the DSC on occasions she isn't available and so I will have to learn some more things from her. After that short visit it was time to finally start working in the office, it was a full day of filing old files from years ago and storing them. What a job lol. It was however pleasantly interrupted by a visit from Cate. How nice that was, well I can't really even describe, it pretty much it made my day, and well even though it will be quite some time until she will be back, we have been keeping in touch through emails weekly and it's important to me and obviously her too, especially right now. So it was great to see her. Then it was back to work and since I had to leave by three, it was soon time to pack up, but of course not before going down to the barn and spending some time with Orly. As I walked down, I met up with Kathy, our volunteer photographer, and she was on a mission for more donkey pictures. Orly and I posed for a few huggy shots and then it was really time for me to say good-bye and leave. So the day at the DSC was full of hugs with animals and people alike. Just lovely. I went home made dinner, rode my bike to Zumba class, did Zumba, rode my bike back home only to return to the centre again by car to attend the Stitch night. It was a fairly short night, but nevertheless a nice time out. Thursday was a busy and hectic day at work, but not without a few smiles and inner laughs, especially once the seniors arrived again. Ok, it's been a long time since I have been called a little girl, and I had to laugh out loud when I heard it. Our policy is, that when somebody gets hurt in our facilities we have to do a followup call within 48 hours and fill out another report and fax it off to the clerk's office. So having had to nurse a cut on the finger last week, I did my follow up call on Saturday and well when the gentleman came back this week and was talking in the hallway to another gentleman , he was bragging about how special he felt, that that little girl out of the office (=me) had called him, and that on his birthday, which I of course didn't know lol, to check on him. I thought it was hilarious. I mean I am bloody 45 years old, I don't think I look that young nor that childlike, but this is not the first time stuff like that happened lately....don't know what they see ???? lol...Then there was the guy from last week, that sat in my office all afternoon...ha ha ha...very funny, he comes in as I am talking to another guy from the carpet bowlers and he said to him...."what are you doing talking to MY GIRL?" lol ..very I said ...never a dull moment with the seniors and it's nice to be noticed and obviously liked. But then I always had my way with the senior population, not for nothing did my dad take me on his retiree trips he organized for years. lol.
Thursday evening was installation of the new executive at the TOPS meeting and recognition night. It was fun and the faces of some were just priceless. I received a second place ribbon in one of the categories and that was nice...whoo it's on to do better this year.
Friday morning I spent quietly at home until it was time to go down to the lake, and boy it sure was time, I have a lot of things on my mind right now, which really throw me for a loop, and well some things I am not sure how to handle right now, the constant nightmares, the constant worries etc. I try to not let them get to me, as worrying gets you nowhere and I know that, especially worrying aobut things that are out of your control, so it was a very emotional draining meeting. But hey nothing like a Zumba class with Jill to get your head right again. OMG Jill is just awesome, I love her, and her classes, she sure brings out the best of us lol...ok here is the ZUMBA cool down instruction by Jill. Of course she asked politically correct first if anybody would be offended if we did a sexy cool down dance. Of course party people at Zumba all said no...and here it was done to the song "Buttons" by the Pusscat here are here instructions yelled at us ...during the song......Catwalk...walk walk walk , wham ....Sexy turn around.... catwalk  ....walk walk walk.  wham.... Sexy turn around.... four egyptian walks to the right, four egyptian walks to the left....shimmy....I am naked...I am walking around naked...look at me....I'm naked.....drying towel move four times....and back to get the drift, we are all killing ourself laughing because none of us is as comfortable in our bodies as Jill is in hers, and well it was just hilarious and I am sure none of us will ever forget the moves when we hear that song the next time. It was fabulous, lol...
So Saturday was a little bit of a break down day for me and well when I look at the week ahead I almost feel sick to my stomach, I picked up a few extra shifts at another centre and well Wednesday afternoon will be my highlight because it's DSC time, even though it's will be something nervwrecking new to me.
I think it's time for some physical pain to get out of my head.....maybe I will think of what where and's been a long time coming.....and I can't wait.....:)

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