Monday, March 28, 2011

Life with Jack

Jack, the cat, has been with us now for just over a year and well I can definitely say he is not your "normal" cat. Jack made himself at home the minute he was invited to stay with us.

Walked around like he owned the place, never bothered any of the other cats and has bonded very tightly with Charcoal, the other male cat.

Those two are always playing together, roaming the house together and getting into trouble together, contrary to Charcoal, Jack does not sleep like a normal cat. He is so nosy that he is always afraid he is missing something if he sleeps.
Somebody rings the door bell, Jack is the first one by the door, no matter where in the house he is. Somebody sits down to eat, Jack sits nicely at the table beside that person, always hoping for a handout.

Somebody is brushing their teeth, Jack is on the vanity watching you closely, almost saying 'let me try this too'.
Somebody is having a shower or a bath, Jack is sitting on the edge of the tub, my daughter calls him the creeping peeper.
Somebody is making lunch or breakfast, Jack is always at your heels, hoping you might drop something and he can pick it up.
Whereever I go in the house Jack is sure to follow. I have the bad habit of walking through the house while brushing my teeth, so that totally confuses him, but he is right beside me wherever I go.
Time on the computer can be quite trying, because no matter how many times you put him back on the floor, he just doesn't get it. I guess catching cursors is quite interesting.

He loves to play with the camera too and is always ready to pose for a picture, or at least be in it.

Besides being always at your heel, Jack has some weird habits too....e.g. he has a thing for drinking straws, so whenever somebody is having a drink with a straw he sits beside you or in front of you staring you down in the hope that when you are done you will give him your straw to play with, there is quite a selection under the couch, and if you don't watch out he steals the straw right out of your drink. He loves eating peanuts and is constantly cracking shells all over the house and eating the nuts, he needs to learn how to pick up his mess and throw it out.

He also loves to spill his water bowl, and it's a daily game. We went from a light plastic bowl to a heavy ceramic bowl and it just doesn't deter him one bit, he picks it up on the side and drops it back down, spilling all the water on the floor and then he sits there and watches it run in all different directions. I swear the other day he must have tried to wipe it back up, because when I got up in the morning, his dish was completely empty, a sponge from the sink was laying by the water bowl being soaking what the heck? After all this nosing around and always being up and about, once in a while he does sleep during the day, and when Jack sleeps he sleeps, you can vacuum around him, you could probably tear the house down around him, he doesn't even blink an eye.
Well Jack sure has made life around here interesting and I love him to pieces, oh that's another thing about him, you can cuddle him and squeeze him and just kiss and love him to death, he doesn't do a thing about it, doesn't try to escape, doesn't bite or scratch, doesn't even put his claws out and never hisses. Jack is just a very relaxed and amazingly sweet kitty. I am so glad he found our house, considering in the beginning there was no way I was going to take another kitty in, but who could resist that face?


Joan said...

Very sweet tribute... very sweet cat!

Louise said...

What a charmer! That's the kind of cat the carves out a very large place in your heart. I'm glad he found you.

Jules said...

I adore your post about Jack! I use a self-watering container for my cat. She likes to move her bowls around too and I have recently discovered that if I placed some rubber-like matting underneath, the bowls stay put. LOL! Your Jack is just adorable and very lucky indeed!!

Sharon said...

Want to swap for and old crab? I'll bet you could give him a bath!

Cute cat!

Tina said...

Thanks, Joan.
So am I, Louise!
Jules, we do have rubber mats under the bowls, doesn't do a thing lol, might try the self watering container, gotta get the biggest there is, so it is heavy enough lol.
You mean DC, Sharon? I would take him in a heartbeat, if we weren't over the legal limit already! Lol. Bathing Jack,now there is something i haven't tried with him yet. Lol

trashmaster46 said...

Sounds like the kitty who adopted us recently. One of our housecats apparently brought him in through the catflap for dinner one night, and he's never really left.