Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blond moments, brain storms and other things to think about!

*Oh my! I love when I am not the only one having blond moments, especially when those people aren't even blond lol.....had a great time laughing today at myself and others and we had one blond moment after the other while doing 3 way emailing with some friends at the DSC. OMG did we laugh! But I guess that's what happens when you get a little bit too excited and too far ahead of yourself and others don't clue in. It started all innocently with an inquiry of mine and well let's just say it snowballed into something totally different, different topic all together, in the end we all didn't know anymore what we were talking about in the first place. I am glad to be able to give someone their laugh of the day, even if it's at my expense...I don't mind one bit!
*Well I planted a bug into a friend's ear to pull of a nice little event to benefit some special friends, with her expertise, my connections and our love for it all, well it almost looks like this dream could become a reality and that would be just amazing in itself, it's something I have wanted to do for such a long time and it's amazing  how you get help from the right people if you just ask for it and how some people are willing to come through and help anyway they can. Definitely some planning involved, a few favours to ask and some begging to do lol, but hey there isn't anything I wouldn't do for it right now. I am so excited at the possibility of this actually happening one day. WOO HOO!
*Good news for Donkey Day, I got my "dream" position as a donkey mingler for sure....I am excited and nervous at the same time, it will be a stressy but fun day. Seems like everything is going so fast right now and even though it still is months away, time will just fly with preps and organization of that event that it's kind of scary. Of to a good start with my book drive to collect used good books for the book sale from my friends around here, so there will be some collecting and lugging to do.
*Just so many things going on right now that I am glad I am not working this much at the moment, at least not during the day for the pocketbook, but I think for the moral and mental stability it is doing wonders right now. Work right now is either feast or famine, but I take it as it comes and once May rolls around nothing else really matters anyway but DSC stuff, which I am really looking forward to the Sundays volunteering since it's going to be all different from the years before too, so some big changes, new pastures, new" jobs", new positions etc. Excitement all around, hard to believe that I can stand it all not like me either. Oh well I am learning to go with the flow and just swim and try to stay afloat while enjoying the ride.
*Trying to figure out how to best approach one of my goals without killing myself, not really sure how to prepare for it and well as of right now it still looks like an impossible adventure, but with hard work and a lot of practice it is doable,  but maybe I will start with baby steps, one at a time. Just can't wait to get my bike down and start pedaling. So snow please just go away.
*also thinking about some blogger giveaways, totally different contests, no comments, nothing to do on anybody's part except mine one day just might be your lucky day.....:)


Louise said...

Sounds like things are moving in the right direction.

Sharon said...

You sound so happy and excited! Great!

Be thankful the blonde moments aren't senior moments, that will come soon enough. :-)

Have a good day!