Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey, stop messing with me!!!

Yesterday I finally made it back out to the farm, it has been two weeks since my last time and it felt like an eternity. I so have missed the donkeys and being up there. Of course first ones as you pull in the parking lot are the rowdy boys, but they all had their head stuck in the feeder, so nobody wanted attention, well you just can't compete with food. Well all except Donny, who of course is still on the look out for pretty donkey girls, who teasingly all line up on the other side of the fence. The parking lot was filled with cars and I recognized one car in particular, so I decided to go down to the barn first to say hello. The laneway reminded me of the movie "a river runs through it" and it was hard to manoeuver between snowpiles, mud puddles and runoff water streams your way down to the barn. I said hello to Indiana, who is right now on the barnside due to an absess, and he was helping out the handyman working on the boys shelter converting it into a "for the summer learning center", sure looks like the boys are living in a luxury suite for the rest of the year. I stopped by the mules and Hummer came right over to give me a hug, he is such a charmer and I just love him, he puts his big heavy head on your shoulder and just leans into you, eyes closed and breathing into your ear, sure looks like he enjoys it. The mules are funny, they are pretty much nice and tame over the fence, but when you are on their side of the fence, it's a different story, they are shy and timid and just won't really come near you. I waded through more mud to make my way to the barn, hmmmm not a single person down there, the donkeys were all gathered around the feeders, so I went inside the tack room to fill out my volunteer sheet. When I came out I was just standing there admiring the new stalls and the rest of the renovations when this donkey walks right up to me, to sniff me and check me out....huh? Juno? Well it sure looked like Juno, a little bit too red but with the winter coat still ever changing who knows,  but sure wasn't Juno's behaviour, didn't see Juno anywhere around, so I thought "na" can't be. Didn't hear anything about new donkeys arriving and they would be in quarantine anyway for a while. Well after donkey checked me out, I walked over to the stalls, in one stall was Katy and Peter, Katy had her foot wrapped so I knew she had an abscess and well you can't have Katy without Peter, or more the other way around, because if you do all hell will break loose with that little mini man. Then there was another gray standard donkey laying in the stall next to them, well didn't look like Dolly or Lady, so I really didn't know who the heck it was, nobody around to ask, and I am suppose to be the expert on knowing all of them? Thinking two weeks away can't make me not recognize them anymore, so I petted them for a while and then checked for Orly and finally saw Juno hiding behind Gordon, so who the heck was that other " Juno"? Well I thought I will ask when I get to the office, went to the office, empty, only me in there. So I made myself comfortable on the computer and started to work on my project, thinking well they must have a meeting at the house and should be back shortly. I worked and I worked and I worked and I must say I got a lot of things accomplished,almost to the point that there is an end in sight for my sorting. Woo hoo. So the afternoon hours passed and I was still all by myself. I had been here since noon and all alone in the barn and then office, was a little bit eerie. Then finally just before four o'clock Cheryl came and then Kim and Ruth, and yes there was a big communication meeting with all the staff, just Cheryl commented..."I guess we didn't communicate to you that you will be here alone" lol and laughed. I asked about the "Juno" and the other donkey and yes they are new, well they are donkeys that returned for a while from a foster farm, because the one laying down has something wrong with it, and for observation they brought them back to the DSC, easier access for the vet. The other donkey is her son, but boy he sure could pass for a Juno look alike.  Before I went home I made another quick stop down in the barn to give my two favourite girls a hug being Cate and the other one Orly. Cate was happy and surprised to see me, she made some really off beat remark to me about me,  in  my first instinct I was thinking " What the heck?", but I was laughing inside at the same time, it was just odd lol. It was nice to catch up with her and some of the things she had been up to.
Well there are a few other donkeys on the barn side again, because you know what time of the year it is, and with the grounds being so bad right now, it sure will make for a lot of extra hoof care. Poor Summer has three feet wrapped up, but of course she had to be special and have something different than the normal abscesses, but that girl sure knows how to soak it up, getting all this extra attention. Too funny! 
Poor Tibet, I think spring can't come soon enough for her, she is sporting the most curly long hair I have ever seen on her face, she can barely keep it out of her eyes, she definitely looks like she could use a haircut...too cute!

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