Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Enough with all this donkey love nonsense", says Nello

I got a good chuckle out of Nello when I went to the farm on Sunday. After all the chores were done, and I decided to have a little down time with the donkeys, grooming and taking pictures of different things going on in the barn, Nello made it quite clear that he had about all he could take of people fussing over the donkeys only, and thought it was his time to shine, after all he is a very handsome sheep. So as I am trying to take a picture of Gordon with his Helia, Nello took the opportunity to steal the limelight, by inching his way into the picture, posing just perfectly for a nice group picture.
He sure loves to pose and when you take a picture of him, he always looks right at this entry is dedicated to NELLO, one of our  handsome sheep....
Nello with Buffy ( one of my all time favourite pictures)
Nello with Juno in Feb. 2011
Nello and Juno in the Summer of 2009
Nello in earlier days
I met Nello the first time when he was a tiny little lamb, born in 2006, orphaned and brought to the DSC in 2006, where he was bottle fed and raised to grow up into a sometimes a very, very grumpy sheep, however, over the last year Nello has turned into an absolutely loving animal, he loves attention and loves to be cuddled, but most of all, he is very nosy and doesn't put up with anything from anybody, not even the new barn pup, who you can see being chased around the barn yard by Nello quite often. Nello is highly energetic and always on the lookout for attention, or somebody to aggravate. He sure is a character.


Cat said...

Well, so we see now that sheep have 'green eyes'. I think you would have a You Tube sensation if you shot a film of the sheep chasing the pup!


Canyon Girl said...

I love the one of the two of them together.--Inger

Sharon said...

Ooh! He looks like a sweetie! I, too, would like a video of him chasing the pup! LOL!

Tina said...

Well the video would have a not so nice beginning as the pup was chasing Nello around first, so bad that Nello slammed into the paddock gate and got his head stuck, when I freed him, he was mad like crazy, first there was a stand off between Pup and Nello, and Nello just stared him down and all you could see was smoke coming from his nostrils, actually it was so cold that you could see him breathing, but it looked scary, scary enough to send the pup running and Nello after it. Need to say too, the pup is no little pup, he is huge already at only at 7 months old and just a little trouble maker.