Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dinner for two!

Why are there 8 to 10 standard donkeys tightly gathered around one little feeder, while two little mini donkeys hog the other feeder? Well it was dinner for two, just for Peter and his Katy.
Now Peter is quite the character, and I have never ever seen anybody take such good care of his woman the way Peter does. I call him Petey, because he is just so tiny and Peter sounds so grown up. Petey loves his Katy and he will make sure that Katy is not bothered by anybody, not people and for sure not by other donkeys, so when Katy wants to eat, Katy gets to eat, undisturbed and uninterrupted and Petey makes sure of that. So when other donkeys approach the feeder, Petey, as tiny as he is, kicks his heels in high gear and takes on any donkey, no matter what size and chases them away. He won't let them near his dear Katy. He has always been so protective of her and the rest of his family, his kids Gemmi and Marci.
I have observed his protective behaviours plenty of times, e.g. one time him and Katy came in from the field to the barn to get a drink, they were the only donkeys in the barn at that point, but as others arrived with the same idea, he guarded the entrance of that barn with all he had, so Katy could have a peaceful drink in the other part of the barn.
When Katy gets  groomed he is always right by her side and makes sure we don't do anything to her that we shouldn't be doing, he oversees every move we make. He never is further than a few feet away, and when Katy starts moving he is sure to follow her.
They are often seen cuddling together in the lane way or out in the field, Peter resting his head on Katy's back or just snuggling up together.
These two are just too cute, well the whole family is just adorable. So nosy, lovable, cuddly and just absolutely sweet donkeys.


Peggy Lee said...

So sweet!

Joan said...

I've seen him in action... he's not one to mess with, that's for sure. You described the situation perfectly. Quite a special little guy!