Monday, February 07, 2011

Wet and cold!

OMG nothing like playing with water in freezing cold temperatures. Well that's what we all did at the DSC yesterday, the water troughs needed to be emptied out, cleaned and then refilled. We couldn't drain them the way we do in the summer and well bucket by bucket we carried the water far away fromt the donkeys over the fence, just to make sure any drained water wouldn't create a little icerink. Any water spilled onto the concrete floor in the barn, turns to an icy spot right away, so we had to be carefull. Emptied the big watertrough, cleaned it and refilled it. Then it was on to the rowdy boys water, well the hose to fill it up with was so frozen stiff that there was no water going through it, so we ended up carrying bucket by bucket water up to the paddock, hand it over the fence and then dump it into their bucket, not sure how many buckets it took to fill that thing, but it was exhausting, not that carrying the water wasn't bad enough, but no we had to wade through knee deep snow to do so. By the time we were done with all the water, my pants were soaking wet, my boots and socks were soaked and my toes were just frozen, but hey nothing we wouldn't do for those lovely cute donkeys. Since we aren't suppose to groom right now, we only did feet again, I did a lot of feet. I even did Orly's feet, even though Orly is on the advanced groomers list, but she was really good for me and didn't kick. The other donkeys I did were fairly easy, and once they know there is a treat involved afterwards, they pretty much do anything to get to that treat. Solo is doing a little bit better and is back on the special needs side, he seemed so much happier than last week. Miss Jenny the mini mule is still raving havoc over at Halfway Haven and is definitely on a power trip over there and making her presence known, I feel bad for Ed, the donkey, because she really is not nice to him, but then she isn't to Saucy, the other minimule either. But at least Saucy understand why is does the things she does, poor Ed has no clue.
Juno is being a little bit more social and Tibet is now out all day with all her donkey friends, she looks so happy and so full of spirit. Her eyes just sparkle with life and joy, it's really fun to watch. Poor little donkey spent so many long months on stall rest with just limited outings, but it was all worth it, and she is so much better, because at one point it didn't look good for her, she just was't healing at all, but now she seems to be as good as new and that makes me happy.
The day on the farm went by really fast, it turned out to be a good day with lots of volunteers and we got all the work done fairly quickly and then you really can just hang out with the donkeys and Cate lol.


Denise said...

Brrr! I hope you got warm as soon as you could! Don't need you picking up a cold!

Love and devotion - the only words to describe the way you feel about your 'furbabies'

Louise said...

Whew! Having done a bit of cold weather bucket and trough cleaning myself, I salute you! Bet you slept well last night.

Joan said...

Well done! Why is Ed in Half way haven?

Tina said...

Denise- I already have the cold so it makes no difference anymore. Lol
Louise-like a baby, a full day in fresh air sure tires you out.
Joan-Ed is in Halfway Haven because of his laminitis, he is really doing well on the controlled diet and with the shoes Cjris has made him. Cate told me that when she first started there that Ed had a severe episode and was just hours away from being put down, that was a few years ago and he has been great since. Have you ever met Chris?

Sharon said...

Ever think about one of those hand siphon pumps and a long hose? I think it would beat carrying (and the possibility of splashing or dropping a bucket.