Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy, windy Tuesday

Yesterday I drove up to the DSC to work on my office project up there. and on getting the log book completed. I had printed out some of the donkey sheets at home, so I made my way down to the barn first. My intensions were to just put the sheets in the binder, take the sideview picture of Jimmy the mule and get back to the office, but somehow that didn't happen. Walking down the path beside the Rowdy Gelding Paddock, I saw Cocoa and Donny having a little siesta in the barn, totally relaxed and snoozing away. Tibet and Juno were out in the Garden Paddock, Juno loves being in there anyway as she spends her days up there and Tibet is finally well enough to have a little bit more of a run area than her little stall or enclosure. And omg Tibet was living it up, she was running like crazy, kicking up her back feet, and just being active, and I am thinking "watch for those little legs there Missy", but she was going full out, of course by the time I got my camera out, she had settled down a little and was giving Juno and the mules across the fence a little bit of an attitude...which is also so not like Tibet. Tibet is one of the most calmest, sweetest, easy going donkeys at the Sanctuary, but I think she is just happy right now to be running again. That sweet little soul.

I got a suitable side view photo of Jimmy and went down into the tack room to file my sheets. Chantal told me that out of all the pictures only one was wrong, that I had Ms Jenners file but the sideview is of her daughter Rosie, well only one wrong "Hooray for me", and getting Ms Jenners and Rosie mixed up is quite easy to do if you don't see their noses or have them side by side. Ms Jenners has a black nose and Rosie is bigger than her, but I could neither see the nose nor had anything to compare heights, and otherwise they look so much alike. But since Ms Jenners was on the special needs side, I took the opportunity to take a side picture of her and was for sure sure that is was her this time. I hanged out in the barn for a while, spend some time with Orly, Gordon and Paco and watched Earl Grey get a massage from the therapist. As I was leaving the barn the vet was just pulling in and I have never seen the barn clear out that quickly as to say, well she is not here to see It was funny to watch. No she was here to see only Chiclet, Chiclet is always doing fine during the summers but the cold winter weather seems to play havoc with the already tense muscles in his body, so he is a little uncomfortable, but I am sure our vet will fix that, she is really good with the animals and just loves them all. Another one that is in it for more than it being a job. It's nice to see people actually loving their job. So I made my way up the lane way with Ms Jenners in the lead and when I turned around it's like I heard them say "don't leave us here with the vet, we tag along".....and there they came.

Looks like Callie and Katie were worried the most as they seem to be in a big rush to get to somewhere. lol.
After about 1 1/2 hrs in the barn, see how easy it is to get sidetracked there, I finally made it up to the office and worked on sorting and naming pictures on the computer. Oh how much fun it is, but it seems like a very tedious and never ending job, because every time I get there, more new pictures. And I haven't even really started to sort yet properly. But it is definitely fun. We had some very interesting conversations among us three in the office and it was definitely a great afternoon. Kim is just amazing to be around, she is a fountain of information and always willing to answer any question you might have.
I finished printing of my last log sheets of Jimmy and the fixed up one of Ms Jenners and it is now, with the exception of one donkey, completed...woo hoo. But I will be back on Sunday and make it my mission to find Katy and take her picture and then everything will be complete. When I took my sheets down to the barn to file I finally got Cocoa's attention, he had been given me the cold shoulder, or shall I say the head in the haystack , during my last visits, but this time he graced me with a few minutes of time over the fence to get a good ear scratch. And then off he went again to be with the big boys. Seems like the big boys are having way too much fun with each other, and Donny seems to have quiet down a touch, well at least with his attempts to attract girl donkeys.


Louise said...

That second video is so sweet. All the donkeys and goats together traveling down the lane. I'm glad you had a good time yesterday, and that you shared the donkeys with us.

Joan said...

Sure had me laughing as the barn was evacuated! You must be made of sturdy stock to deal with the cold and wind... or really warm clothes.

Since I'm only visiting in the summer I don't recognize most of the donkeys with their winter coats.

Love the videos