Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What makes you smile?

You ever watch people? Some people walk around with this permanent frown and miserable face on, sometimes I just want to smack them and ask them what their problem can you wake up miserable already? I mean I have my share of miserable days, but my God I sure hope that my miserable days don't show like that on my face. I usually look a little bit grumpy, when I am concentrating very intensely or when I am scared, but usually I walk around with a smile on my face, smiling around people always makes them wonder what you are up to or what's going on with you, ever noticed that. Sometimes I smile for no reason, or just because something came to mind that made me laugh or smile a long time ago. And then other times I see something or experience something that makes me smile for that moment, mostly very simple things. e.g. yesterday when I went into the garage in the morning, you could have thought I was hiding a few donkeys in there, that's how the garage smelt from me just leaving my barn boots out there....hmmmm made me smile instantly and made me think of the day I have had at the farm and then it made me laugh because I know how my daughter just hates that smell and how she usually hates driving in the Jeep after a  barn day, because it smells. lol. Unexpected little pleasantries makes me smile too. Or just a thought of something nice and dear to my heart.

What makes you smile?

Ever noticed that cats always look so mad  and while donkeys' facial expression usually looks a little sad and depressed, when you see their faces from a certain angle they always have a smile on their face.
Oh donkey lips make me smile.


Sharon said...

To just look at me normally, you would swear that I was the grumpiest person in the world, my face is generally a frown - due to steroids, gravity, and a fairly hard life. If you see me smile, you know I really mean it - 'cause I have to work at it, LOL!

I smile at memories, little kids, old people, nice pictures, my pets... you see, I do smile a lot, maybe I have worn out the muscles??? and that's why I look so crabby, normally?

Joan said...

Donkeys, little children, most all animals, nature at it's best and in response to anothers smile :)

Cat said...

If you can catch a cat relaxed, and a side view, they can look very happy, but they do tend to have a bit of a sour expression on first look.

I guess I better not send you a picture, I normally look angry. Even when I am not... Don't want smacked! ;D

What makes me smile? Goofy things Husband does, the cats and the dog playing, the llamas. My spinning and knitting, when I haven't dinked something up...