Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Now that was funny! Like funny ha ha!

So yesterday I had my appointment with the foot doctor, don't have a clue and neither does spell check how to spell the correct job title lol. I had to laugh when she looked at my feet and moved them the way they are suppose to move and she said, I had perfect feet. Personally I am not very fond of my feet, but I guess from the bone structure and they way they function they are just perfect. Having maybe the perfect feet is because I remember as a small child wearing orthotics, because of flat feet, but what kid doesn't have flat feet? Seemed to be a generational and maybe a German thing, because I remember everybody had them. Also my dad was a stickler for good foot wear, no matter at what cost, it's your feet that carry you everywhere so you have to take good care of them. He rather only bought shoes every two years, but you can bet they were the best you can find. So why in the hell do my feet hurt so much? Well can you believe it....too much exercise and overuse of the tendons and of course  prolonged excessive weight ( omg I can't believe I am admitting this again...yuck...what is wrong with me?), when I lost some of my weight, and I still have tons to go, I exercised every day like a mad woman, liked it and did some more every day, then came the walking challenge at work on top of my daily workout, and pretty much since then my feet are shot. I have plantar fasciiatis on the bottom of my left foot and  Achilles tendonitis and retrocalcaneal bursitis on my right heel. Both very painful and on some days I don't know which side hurts more, some days it's both equally bad and in reality I could just cry from the pain at times, but I pull up my big girl panties, smile and I am fine and pumped full of pain medication. I definitely have slowed down with my exercise, which really makes me mad, because how am I suppose to loose more weight if I can't exercise properly and eating right only goes so far. So hopefully getting the proper shoe wear and orthotics will help with that and make life a little more enjoyable.
Since I have my foot x rays here at the house, I thought I take a picture of my fixed up ankle, lol looks like a do-it-yourself fixer upper to me lol, but hey it works...what more do I want? Maybe a perfect ankle to go with my perfect foot?


Joan said...

Tina, after such surgery didn't they tell you to go gently with exercise? And, with the various tendon problems aren't you suppose to rest the foot? Time to take it easy like it or not. Sorry

Tina said...

Joan...that surgery was like sixteen plus years would think I am back to normal by now...I just never got the hardware taken out.....long story...and yes I know I should rest my foot/ feet....but then that would stop me from doing all the things I want to do, and I can't let that happen....I know I should listen and I am probably paying for it later, but you know me. :)

Joan said...

Sorry if I sounded like a scolding mom.... You must be much braver than I am... if something hurts I tend to baby it. And, God forbid I would want you to stay away from the donkeys!!!

Tina said...

You are probably right Joan, but because of the donkeys that's what made me at least go to the doctors and deal with it, otherwise I would just let it go and wait it out and hope it gets better lol....But I knew you would see it my way lol. :) Thanks for the care though!

Denise said...

Wow you have quiet the bone spur on your heel! I have plantar facitis (spelled wrong) too. My dr gave me stretches to do and shots of cortizone. Ouch!

Take care of those feet - goodluck

Tina said...

Thanks Denise! :)