Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is for giving!

For me the joy in Christmas has always been in giving, I grew up in a family where the welfare of others, whether it was human or animal was always of importance. I think as a teacher you have that in mind to begin with or you wouldn't become a teacher, so my dad was always a driving force behind that. But even within my family it was always more exciting to give to them, than to receive, not that I don't like getting gifts, but it was always so much fun as a kid to do some crafty things for the grandmas' and aunts and to see their face when they open it. I know it is kind of contradicting, but I don't really like people opening their presents from me in front of me, but yet I love seeing their faces when they do, so figure that one out. I love finding that little something or making that little something that will put a smile on someone's face, either because it's a joke or because it is something they will really treasure.
Thursday evening I was at my weekly group meeting, which I must shamefully admit I had not been attending for almost three months, oh where did that time go? But I was there the week prior and this week, as a group we kind of adopted a needy family in the community and bought Christmas presents for all the kids and mom, and made some food donations for the family. The girls that went out Christmas shopping did a great job and I am sure the kids will be happy with all the things "Santa" will bring. On Thursday we did all the wrapping and I felt like being an elf, it was like an assembly line, present after present after present, it was fun and with so many helping hands it was accomplished in no time at all. What a nice feeling. This group of woman and sometimes one guy (lol) has really been amazing, and I love them all, they are some of the least judgemental people I have ever know, each of them having their own struggles, tragedies and illnesses and whatever else life can throw in your way to deal with and yet they are there for you, and you know that and you can feel that. I still don't have the full capacity of being there for others, the way I truly would like to be, sometimes because of past history and sometimes because I know how can I be there for others if I am not fully there for me yet either. It used to be easier when I only focused on others, but since I have been on my own little recovering and discovering journey, I find it a little bit harder to be there for others, hopefully that will change once I am all there. lol. 


AJ-OAKS said...

What a wonderful group of people you meet with. And since you are a part of that group, you are also wonderful.
I need to catch up with your blog.

Canyon Girl said...

What I love about you, Tina, is your honesty and straightforwardness (boy, that was a long word!). And you are so right -- giving is the best.--Inger

Sharon said...

What a lovely thing to do and I'm sure the gifts will be well received! Any work, done with people of like mind, is not work, but so much fun. I'm sure you had a great time! Sometimes (only) one guy? You gals need to do some recruiting, LOL!

Happy Sunday!