Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where is the time going?

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the first of December, I surely don't know how it got here so fast. Seems like the days just fly by, and turn into weeks past and month passing by so quickly. Never seemed to be that fast moving ever before. The weekend was just there and yet we are almost half way into the new week already and I am sure in no time at all it will be the weekend again.
The past weekend I had an early appointment out of town to get some test done, found myself a little bit panicking while the test was running, almost like drowning, but I survived and don't have to have it done again until the end of January. Wow, end of January, seems like a long time off, but really it isn't, by then I will be another year older and hopefully wiser.  After the appointment I had originally thought about traveling to Toronto to visit the "one of a kind gift show", but well I just didn't, instead I stopped in at the Ancaster Fairground for their Annual Christmas Bazaar. There were a lot of nice things and then other things that just don't do a thing for me, seems like everybody was sort of into the same thing, so lots of things to choose from of the things I like. I found a few little Christmas gifts, and thankfully the Candle Man was there again, and I got a refill on some of the favourite scents....hmmmmm....can you smell it? I really didn't spend a lot of time there, stopped at a friend's house to drop of an item I had acquired with her in mind and then back to my house. Not sure what got into me, but I decided to clean my kitchen and I am talking clean...from washing down walls and cupboards, to light fixtures and everything else that needed to be brightened up. It took me all afternoon  but I was happy with the end result, now I only wish there was more colour to my kitchen. Of course you still see a little tiny tint on the ceiling from the time when I almost set the house on fire with a grease fire, wow that was a scary few minutes, and it didnt' take no time at all. But all ended well, and I washed down the walls and ceiling and some people in this house don't even know it happened lol. 
Sunday, well I don't really remember what I did Sunday, except some laundry, and some stitching and then of course I had to go to work Sunday evening...who thinks up this stuff? Going to work at 7:30 pm after just wasting the day away with nothing important?  Well let's just say, it was hard to get dressed for work and be off into the cold. 
Monday was demolition day lol...well the garbage pick up didn't pick up the item we had put out the week before, so I took the sledge hammer to it and made it smaller til it fit into the regular garbage cans, I guess they will take it this time lol. Of course doing stuff like this never goes over without an injuries, so I have a nice big deep cut in my thumb and a few minor cuts all across my fingers and hands....well I guess I am not much of a demolisher. I spend most of the morning then writing out my Christmas cards and then mailed off my first small package to Germany....32 Dollars later.... I am thinking this is nuts, next year...nothing for Christmas for the oversea family. But at least it will get there by Christmas...amazing how by boat it is like 50% cheaper, but you would have to send it of probbly by mid October to get there on time. I went to the store to look for a big basket, but no such luck and for a jacket for AH, but no luck there either. Oh well I tried. lol. Took my daughter to work, stopped by the dollar store to get something, forgot what it was by the time I got there, found all kind of other useful things, and as soon as I was back at the house, I remembered what I went there for....go figure. Quick supper and then off to work...woo hoo, omg I love my Monday night hockey group, there is never a dull moment and it's joking around all the time, of course there is Mr. Big Complainer, but he does it in fun, but I haven't had a night yet where he doesn't have anything to say to me. Then there is this quiet shy guy, well he cracks me up, he comes in with the complainer and most of the time those two are there first, and he has picked up quite a few trick from the big complainer and is trying to make his mark, which is always good for some laughter and chuckles and the thought running through my head " oh men..they are all the same, just have different faces so you can tell them apart." 
Today I am off to the Donkey Farm, but I know I won't get much accomplished, since it is a miserable day and no way for me to take the pictures I still need to take. So I do what I can and maybe spend some time in the barn instead....we will see. Hope everybody is enjoying their last day of the month! Make it a good one!


Bobbie said...

Ok, now you have me wanting to clean my kitchen good... because it sure can use a good cleaning. We'll see. Sounds like you've been busy... have a great Tuesday :)

Joan said...

Ah yes, the kitchen... mine would sure like that type of attention! Hope the hand injuries heal quickly. Must be a big relief to have the long distant packages shipped out. I remember the years I had to do that, always a bit stressful.

Good luck with your tests.