Sunday, November 28, 2010

"When Dinosaurs Die", in our case "When hamsters die"

The other day while browsing in stores with my friend she came across this book " When Dinosaurs die", it's written by Laurie and Mark Brown, and tackles the dealing with death for children. It addresses children's fears and curiosity head on. While looking through the pages she started to smile and handed me the book with  a"does this remind you of something?" I looked at the two pages she had flipped open and smiled, yup just the way Pookie did it, when her Dwarf hamster Rupi died.

Rupi had been through a lot in his short hamster life, he was however the second longest living hamster we had, he passed away about a few years ago. This is how my daughter sent Rupi off to be in Hamster heaven with all his hamster friends, who went before him.... his favourite block on his climbing centre, his favourite treats and a bed made of clouds, like she called it back then. He was buried in the backyard right beside the shed. ( I thought it was kind of weird to take a picture of your dead pet, but she took that picture all alone with her camera and she said, she took it because it was the only picture she could ever take of him and he wasn't running away! I guess not! )
Rupi was named after her favourite guinea pig Rupert, just because he looked just like him. Rupert was around for a very long time and she took very good care of him, his death was another story. Rupert died in the early evening hours, and to not have my daughter,who found him, have to look at him, AH put him in a bag and hang him up in the garage to be buried the next day, well I think we were out and when my daughter and I came back, she wanted to say good bye to Rupert once again. So here goes AH into the garage, gets his little bag and puts Rupert back in his cage and all the kids sat around and petted him for quite some time. Then it was time to go back to the garage for him, before the cats thought he might be a good dinner, as they were circling the cage as the kids sat around him.

Pookie and Rupert with matching Wizard hats, she had made for them...oh what a kid!


Joan said...

Very sweet

sunset pines farm said...

aww. that was a sweet story..

Louise said...

What a lovely story.