Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stalker...or why not to enter after 4pm!

As per DSC policy it is not allowed to enter the DSC barnyard once all the barn staff has gone for the day. I mean Adam never leaves as he lives just opposite of the barn, but his official ending time is 4 pm. Well the other day, when I was working in the office on the log book, I had permission and wanted to go down to the barn to but my finished pages into the log book. As I am leaving the office, Solo was right up at the fence by the Welcome Center, as soon as he spotted me, he started walking beside me on the inside of the fence, I entered the barnyard, and he followed still along the fence of the paddock he was in, finally our path crossed and he met me at the gate. I was not giving him much attention, as I only had few minutes to go down and be back to the office. I walked past the gate, and then I heard him behind me, I walked a little faster and I heard him walking faster, when I turned around he was slowly running behind me, the faster he got the more his ears went back, that was a little bit nerve wrecking, because having a donkey with ears pinned back running behind you sure is not a good thing. I stopped and turned around, put my hands out to the front and told him to stop, his ears went forward and he stopped, phew, sigh of relief there, started walking again, and sure enough he was right behind me again, his ears back and following me, another quick and firm stop made him stand still again and look like nothing was going on. I finally got to the tack room, did my thing there and left, as he was thank God preoccupied with grooming Gordon and let me leave. I mean he really wants nothing more than his belly rubbed when he does that, but he could ask nicely for it  ears pinned back usually scare the heck out of me, as I have seen them in action when they do.
So when I arrived at the farm on Sunday Solo was still in his stall eating his breakfast, and I was standing in the barn, and as soon as he got out he waltzed right over to me, and stood in front of me, I was not reacting as I was busy with Gordon, so he just tugged on my jacket to get my attention to give him a belly rub and I finally gave in too. But all morning as I was doing chores he was following me like a puppy and if I didn't stop ever so often to scratch his belly, he would grab my sleeve and tug on it, then waited for his second of belly rub, wander off, just to seek me out a few minutes later again.  Compared to the beginning when he just started kicking even if I made a big circle around him, he sure has changed his tune when I am around him. The only thing that makes me a little nervous about Solo is that he is very unpredictable, you can see him far away from you one minute and the next minute he is right behind you without you even noticing him coming your way, otherwise he is a lovely donkey. 


Melodie said...

hehe...our Clyde is kind of like that.If we are out in the pasture he is right behind us looking for treats or scratchins' and he will "donkey lip" all over us looking for attention!

DebH said...

keep your eyes open and trust your hunches...but I bet he is falling in love with you! Smarter than a person realize those critters...he sounds like he really wants to play..but his sorta play may be a little overzealous? I would love to have a donkey here, but I am afraid of playing favorites!!

Denise said...

Belly rubs - all of that for belly rubs! You've gone and spoiled him!

Smiles - Denise

Joan said...

Cocoa loved to come up from behind, if I didn't watch out I'd get a really strong push from behind!

I don't like the 4pm rule. I would like to think that the more experienced workers or volunteers would be welcomed to come and give attention to the animals. Solo thinks so too!

Tina said...

Melodie- I love the term you used...Will 'donkey lip" us lol...that's too funny!
DebH-Well you have so many other amazing creatures that you love so much, I am sure two donkeys would fit in the mix. And yes there would be a danger of playing favourites.
Denise- Well it is hard not should see the face he makes when you rub his belly...just pour pleasure lol.
Joan-He still does that now too. I remember my first day on the "darkside" I was busy with another donkey and I got this big push from behind and it was Cocoa, scared the hell out of me not so anymore.
As for the 4 pm rule, we are trying to change that, it's all about liability and safety, but they are thinking of having the second staff come in later and stay longer, to make more time for volunteers. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Joan said...

Glad to hear of the possible time change... the animals love the attention and 4 pm seems so early esp before the time change. I always found the times 5,6 and 7pm the best times of the day.