Monday, November 15, 2010

A busy weekend!

Not sure what got into me on Saturday morning but I had the sudden urge of getting my crosstitch floss in order, maybe I was just getting tired of having a baggy here with floss and a baggy there with floss and then another one in that room and another one somewhere total different, maybe I got tired of never knowing what I have or finding what I need to stitch, and then maybe it was just time to clean up this I sat on the living room floor emptied out all my bags that had floss and at least sorted them into number categories, not completely finished and put on bobbins and in the right boxes, but at least it will make it easier to find what I need and have. And the idea is to get at least one number category per week put on bobbins and stored the right way. Woo hoo I am on my way!
After I had finished that task I made a quick trip up to one of the Community Centres to visit the first local Christmas Craft show. It was a little bit disappointing as some of the former good vendors weren't there, but I managed to get a few little things and a picture.

I got home just in time to enjoy the visit with the "outlaws". Since my ML used to be a avid knitter for years, I had thought that to keep her busy and out of trouble she could knit some donkeys for the DSC as fundraiser, well that plan kind of fell apart, as it took her a few months to finish one donkey and she brought it on the weekend. I think it is totally cute and she did a great job, but definitely something she doesn't want to do again...oh well I tried. I must say compared to the ones that volunteers knit for the DSC right now, this one seems a lot more compact and a little  more complicated, as I know one of our knitters whips up the little ones in just  a few hours time and takes about twelve hours for the bigger version of the little ones. Well it doesn't matter, I love all of them.

The rest of Saturday was spent quietly on the couch with finally getting some more time to stitch to finish one more project. Now they just have to be finished and turned into whatever I want them to be...that's the hard part. Yikes! 

Sunday I went to the Farm to volunteer, I was first one there, well besides Steph and started working on the barnyard with clean up. As the other volunteers came, jobs were delegated and accomplished. Since it was a muddy and wet day there wasn't much grooming to be done, since the donkeys really don't like to be groomed when they are wet, the only ones we did were Paco and Trooper, as they needed a good clean up after their trip to Toronto and were the only ones dry enough because they were wearing coats. During the week there was construction going on at the DSC and we ended up cleaning up the mess and piles of rocks that were left out in the yard and will propose a hazard to the donkeys once the ground freezes. So we all worked on that project and got the ground nicely leveled out and moved rocks by the wheelbarrow loads. I thought this is really ironic, that here at the DSC the donkeys are watching us slaving away, moving rocks and bricks, when in other countries it is their job and part of their abuse to be lugging heavy loads from one place to another... but not here's the other way nice is that for them. :) . I got to spend a little bit time brushing Buddy because he was such a mess and spend some time cuddling with Orly. On my way out I met up with Juno, who is kind of reverting back to being extremely shy, I think she doesn't get enough attention right now as visitors are not there anymore. I should really make an effort and spend some time with her and regain her trust and try to socialize her with people, it would be a shame if it will take another few month until she gets back to being not afraid anymore, but I am definitely not in the barnyard enough for her to not be scared of me again. :( Makes me sad, but I will try. 
I stopped in Cambridge at Michaels on my way home to buy some small star buttons and I found a calendar for mom for Christmas. Then I drove over to Willliams to give in to my newest addiction....Chai Tea Latte, but with skim milk, make it a little less "harmful" to my body. lol.
When I got home I just curled up on the couch and watched TV, as I was chilled right to the bone, not that it was extremely cold, it was just so damp and cool. 
So besides getting a few things accomplished I got a lot of quiet time in too....woo hoo how to balance life. 


Sharon said...

I love the little donkeys! I used to make teddy bears only in crochet. My hands couldn't do it now, if my life depended on it! Very cute Santa! Man, you work fast!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Organized threads? well now, there's a concept! One which starts out with great intentions, you know where the boxes are, you know which number is on the particular box that holds that certain colour you need, you take it out of that particular box, stitch the project and then stash the bobbin somewhere in a bag and then you can't remember where that # is! So,,, after searching high and low and somewhat inbetween we give in and hit the LNS for more. Hmmm a plot? I think so.

Have fun with this endeavor and in the end I hope you have a place for your 44 boxes of perfectly organized threads. I know I do,,,some here, some there, and some inbetween.

Be always in stitches.

Tina said...

Oh is that why I have 15 times "610" are so right...and I never have black, when in reality after getting them sorted I have at least ten. lol But why so many 610? It's such an ugly colour too? So please anybody need 610 before you buy one check with me lol...As for boxes I only have 6 as of right now, but I have at least 10 bags with loose floss sorted by numbers lol...woo hoo....slow but steady progress....

Anonymous said...

Oh! Where can I buy one of those little stuffed donkeys? Too cute!