Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Return your donkey to wherever you got him from..."

Today a new adventure begins as we are in the beginning stages of what hopefully will be a Volunteer mentor program for "Open Days" and other volunteer days. It's my first day on "this" job and even though I am nervous I am also very excited, as I know I have to put my best foot foreward and do what is expected of me and what I am capable of doing. Wonder why I always need this kind of pressure to do my best...or better put "know I can do my best'. Why can't I have this confidence all the time but only have it when it is really required and expected, why can't I expect that of myself all the time? Or maybe I am just to harsh and judgemental on myself...who knows...but it definitely will be a good thing and I am looking forward to it. The other day I got my Volunteer training booklet to review all the things I am suppose to know and teach others. It is very straight forward and nicely laid out and it follows a routine that I do anyway as I was taught it this way in my beginnings, so it 's not something that I will have trouble to remember as how to follow it. Donkeys like a routine and have the same thing happen again and again the same way, they don't like changes and unexpected happenings, oh I can relate to this...I always have to know exactly how things are going down on a certain day, if anything changes it can throw me quite for a loop and mess up my day, but I gotten so much better with re- adjusting if those times should arise. So the manual has a certain order and routine to it...I had to chuckle when I came to the end of the grooming instructions and the second to last instruction read...."return your donkey to whereever you got him from"! The instructions sure don't leave anything out. Just the way I like it.


Joan said...

Good luck... I imagine that you will leave the DSC today feeling pretty confident in yourself. And, I hope all the donkeys find themselves in the right place!

Canyon Girl said...

Good luck and I know you will do well. Have a great day, Inger

Sharon said...

That last instruction, was pretty funny!

I do my best work - under pressure.

Tina said...

l*ol Yes Joan all the donkeys are were they are suppose to be...too funny.
*Thanks Inger, hope you had a great day too.
*Sadly so do I Sharon, wish it wasn't likt that, but it is.

Melodie said...

I love that line! I will remember it and chuckle every time I see our donkeys!