Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost a heartattack*Amongst friends *Lighting of the tree

Monday I was sitting at work and felt mighty proud of myself, for having caught up on all my bills and even paying my cellphone bill ahead of time, well you can imagine my shock and disbelief when I checked online if my payment had been already applied to my account, when I found a balance of $541 owing. I almost had a heart attack. I carefully checked my bill, all my normal charges where at whatever they are suppose to be, but there was this huge charge of "Changing Data Services on October 20th", WTF is that? Nowhere was an explanation of what this meant nor don't I recall ever doing a change of I got on the phone and called customer service regarding the bill, of course the guy was trying his best to make me understand what that charge was, and I wasn't getting it, by the end of the night I was more confused than before, I hate when people turn your things around that you in the end don't even know anymore yourself what is front and back or right or wrong. But he said he couldn't do anything about it and I had to go back to where I got the phone from. So that's what I did yesterday first thing in the morning, luckily I landed with the same guy who I dealt with when I got the phone and he was puzzled, and was gonna ponder me back off to Customer Service, but after I told him I already talked to them last night and they told me to come here, he and his supervisor checked out all my plans and charges and couldn't figure out what it was, thankfully I had my contract and my totally detailed bill with me, sometimes it is good to be a little bit unorganized, as the bill was still where I left it when I got the phone in July lol... But that bill showed and explained everything he did the last time exactly and he also remembered doing it. Phew! After them being on the phone for an hour with customer service on my behalf, his supervisor came back with a big thumbs up and a smile on his face. They figured it out what had happened and my balance owing right now stands at $ that is a far cry from the $541. Phew!!! What a relief, or Christmas would have had to be cancelled this year for sure.
After a big sigh of relief and a smile on my face I made my way up to the DSC. Before going into the office I had to get a few pictures of some donkeys and spent some time out in the big pasture finding them and cuddling with others. Most of them were actually standing away from the feeders and just hanging out and soaking up the last sun rays and warmer temperatures. It's funny, when you stand out there in the middle of a herd of donkeys how they all compete with each other for your attention. I had Cargo leaning on me and falling asleep on me while Tengen tried to get my other hand to scratch him. I had come earlier than usual yesterday for that reason alone. After getting my pictures I climbed over the fence, yes you read this right.. I climbed lol, and made my way down to the barn, of course I was greeted by Summer and Solo right away and had to stop for them a little while, then on to talking to Chantal about the donkeys I am working on right now and off to the office to start working. OMG the office is stressed out, Christmas is such a busy time of the year with Gift donations, gift sponsorships and dealing with sometimes "not so bright people" lol, as Kim was having a heck of a day. There were lots or curse words flying around accompanied by laughter. We had so much fun and it amazes me how much stuff we get done even though we constantly laugh, joke around and chit chat back and forth.  I left the DSC around 4:30 pm feeling somewhat accomplished as I am at the "T" donkeys right now and there aren't too many left, of course I still have to take some more photos and insert them, talk some more to Chantal, but I should be able to print out everything hopefully by next week....if I get my pictures taken ahead of time. That is the most time consuming task of it. I also brought home  a pile of activity sheets for the children to be rolled and then later handed out along the route of the Santa Clause parade. Not sure what I was thinking for volunteering for that, as the pile is about 3 inches thick of paper....ouch! lol
After supper I went down to the Centre to help set up the Christmas tree,  we were so not in the mood for this, even the Christmas CD didn't help much to get us in the spirit, it is way to early for me and I don't know I am just having a hard time getting into the spirit, it gets harder every year. Not sure why, but it is.
So off to work this morning and then in the afternoon the unpleasant doctor visit!


Canyon Girl said...

I love the new look of your blog. And one has to watch those cellphone bills like a hawk. I found out that my husband had a ton of extras on his phone and I had a few too. We never ordered them and I put a block on any new things being snuck onto the phones. Save us some money for sure. I'm glad you got yours straightened out.--Inger

Denise said...

Try watching your favorite Christmas movie. I watched 2 today and I feel more in the mood for the holiday than I did yesterday.

The cell phone - I hate those kinds of mistakes.

Keep smiling - Denise

Tracey said...

I can't get into the Christmas spirit either....bah humbug! xxx

Joan said...

Good luck at the doctors...

Tina said...

Inger- Thanks. Trust me so am I, but you are so right they sneak anything in on you, or you get it for free for so long and you forget to cancel it after that and have a hell of a time getting out of it. Thank god mine was a mistake on their part that should have gotten fixed the very first day I got the new phone.
Denise-So what are your favourite Christmas movies?
Tracey- it's way too early to get in the Christmas spirit, however I better get there soon as I have to mail out my package for Germany in the first week of December or it will be the end of January again before they get it, or even later.
Joan-Thanks. Thank God she was in a good mood too and it wasn't as bad, just need to get a few things checked out and deal with, so far nothing serious lol..but you know me I never do things the easy way. lol