Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Listen" said the donkey!*

As I am one who pays  close attention to detail and pays attention to the world around me and the people in my world, I will make this Holiday Season into a little challenge and see how much my friends and family pay really attention to what goes on in my world, and how much they support it or not.
I take particular pride in choosing the fitting presents or Christmas cards according to each persons individuality, their style and taste or their interest, or to make a point or a joke. I am usually not one who goes out and does Christmas shopping, just because it is that time of the year, I find little treasures throught the year and everything is usually bought with a certain person in mind. So to see how many of my friends and family know me and my likes, and since the donkey plays such a big part in the Christmas story, I will donate $ 5.00 for every Christmas card, that depicts a donkey, and $ 10 for every donkey related present ( lol ha ha ha) I' ll receive this year, to the DSC, either in form of a Sponsorship ( have the right donkey for that in mind already) or just simply as a donation...I know my daugther always gives me a Donkey Calendar for Christmas, so there are $ 10 right there. So we will see what happens.

*By the way "Listen, said the donkey" is a wonderful illustrated children's book by Jean Little and Werner Zimmermann, and it tells the tales of the animals that are involved in the First Christmas and how they got to be a part of it. It really has beautiful pictures and it warms your heart and brings you to tears ( especially the donkey's side of the story) as they tell their little tales, through their eyes, the eyes of a donkey, a camel and a lamb.


DebH said...

Hey Tina, Great idea on your Christmas wish/donate gift. Just know, I always read all your blog entries and although many times it is a quick read at work. I need let you know, I follow you diligently. You are a softy with a heart of gold! Also you are pretty darned determined and capable. I am glad your sharing your stories. Thanks for your kind words on my posts and something I am Thankful for is your friendship in the blog world! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Melodie said...

I hope you get donkey overload this Christmas!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

What a nice idea and it does not surprise me one bit that you would choose to do this. Tails to ya!

Canyon Girl said...

That book looks lovely, old that I am I still like to read children's books. I hope you get a ton of the right kind of cards and gifts.--Inger

Louise said...

What a great idea! I hope your entire Christmas season is donkeylishous.