Friday, November 19, 2010


Despite running on very little sleep and being tired for most of the day, I got a lot of things done that needed to be done and feel very much accomplished. I made a drive up to the DSC in the morning to pick up another little job that I could do at home. I didn't arrive there empty handed as I brought some much needed stress relief (as a joke)  for the two full time ladies in the office and they were very appreciative and got a good chuckle out of "their" stress relief remedy! I picked up  a box of envelopes and papers to mail out, once stuffed to all the people who received a donkey sponsorship as a gift, I guess I can save them two stamps, as two of them go to my house lol. After a few chats about some of the other things going on I left and made a quick stop in Cambridge, first at Williams to get a Chai Tea Latte ( with skim milk) and then at the VV boutique. I was on the lookout for a downy vest to wear on the farm, I definitely try to harden up a little bit this winter to the friggin Canadian cold weather, because I hate being so bulky and have so many clothes on that it is hard to move. I feel like the kids used to when they were little and wearing their snowsuits, if I ever fall I can't get back up because I can't bend my arms to push me back up lol. Well I was very successful in finally finding one, not that I care for the colour too much, but who cares, oh  but the donkeys might mistake me for some big fat pumpkin. I found a few other trinkets and was then on the way back to town. As it was still early in the afternoon I decided to stop by the clinic and get my x-rays done, now I still have to get blood work done and two more appointments next week. Did I mention, that I hate going to the doctor? And having all these stupid appointments  instantly puts me in a very bad frame of mind, and brings up a lot of my "issues" from previous experiences. Oh how I wish I could get over After the clinic visit I went to visit a friend and oohhh-ed and ahhh-ed all over her new kitchen. It sure turned out nice and wow all that space. We chatted about a few things and of course somehow there is always stitching or something stitch related to it.
Well of to work this morning, then down to the Lake for a visit and hopefully a restful evening to tackle a busy weekend at work. Hope you all have a good day!


Sharon said...

Winter gear, most necessary! I ordered some long underwear for DH like the army uses and he assures me they are quite warming!

I have had appt. everyday this week and two set for next week (my left eye) and I am just worn out from going out! I hate 'em too!

John Gray said...

just caught up with your blog.......
bloody hell u never stop!

polly's path said...

we don't get to bundle up here...expecting high 80s today.
Sounds like you are busy busy again! Have a good weekend and lots of donkey lovin's and scratchin's!