Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazy Day!

I had to go earlier than usual on a Tuesday to the DSC yesterday, because I had to be back in town for a meeting at work. It was an absolutely gorgeous Fall morning and the temperature sure wasn't right at all, it was 10 degrees Celsius when I left my house and it was just so nice. My plan of action for the day was to get some pictures taken of the donkeys that I still need, to talk to Chantal or Adam about the donkeys and then head to the office and work on my log sheets, well like always things didn't go quite as planned, I met up with a 'new to me' face in the parking lot and we walked down to the barn together, turns out it was Debbie, our donkey massage therapist. Really nice lady and she donates her time and services to some of our lucky donkeys. Omg and you should see them when they get massages, I guess sometimes they are just not in the mood for them, but watch out when they are, it was heavenly to watch, Earl Grey was falling asleep he was so relaxed, and Trooper wasn't gonna get out of the stall and he kept hanging around her all day long. And Gordon, who usually doesn't like to be groomed or fussed over too much, is just the king of massages, he just absolutely loves it and when she comes he is all over her, saying "do me, do me". It is so nice to see, and Gordon is becoming fast her favourite. Gordon is really sweet, just something about his big eyes, he always makes eye contact with you when you are around him. He takes great photos and he is just lovable.  As we walked down the lane way we saw the SUV in the yard, which means >VET DAY<, oh yeah and it was vet day. The plan for the vet and four vet students for today was to de-worm all the donkeys, and I mean all of them, by the time I got there they already had done the "Special needs" side and Halfway Haven. Then it was time to bring in the big herd from the field, all the students and animal caregivers went out to the field to get them, oh what a mess that was, as it was so muddy, it had rained so much on Monday that there was not one spot on the premises that wasn't muddy and soggy. And with the ground not being frozen it was just horrible and  well the sound of swoosh and suction you couldn't miss it. All animals were brought into the barn and then the big door was closed, one escapee...Angus. So the barn inside was just buzzing with donkeys not being very happy to be enclosed and not free to come and go as they please, and then the applying of the meds started, what a job, wow! Some of the donkeys were more cooperative then others, and it was done actually fairly quickly. So since it was way too busy for me to be down there and in the way by taking pictures, I took a  video instead and skipped the pictures til next week.

I headed up to the office and printed all the sheets that I had finished already and got every other sheet as much ready as possible for next week, so all I have to do is insert the pictures and get some of the  info and well I should be done by next week. Then the real hard part starts... identifying donkeys from pictures, labeling the pictures and organizing them into folders.
Before I headed home  yesterday I of course made one last trip down to the barn to cuddle with Orly and to be "stalked" by Solo again.  He is such a monkey, he stalks you and then when you still ignore him he takes off, only to be back a minute later to try again. Of course I can't ignore him because he is such a cutie and really just loves his belly scratch. His face is really cute right now, he looks so wooly  in his winter coat. Of course Solo was one of the donkeys too that I needed a full body picture of, but everytime I stepped far enough away from him to take one, he was right back to following me. So it never turned out as a great he is already on the move again to follow me...and I am standing to my ankles in mud.


Sharon said...

Holy Donkey! You can hear the muck! That has to be hard on them! Solo sure is furry now, looks very cuddly!

Joan said...

The Mud! Time to lay some astro turf! Saw my boy! Thanks for the video. I truly never thought Solo would be so social, what an honor to have him search you out.