Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Am I coming or am I going?

Here was my plan for yesterday....I had been fasting since the evening before, the plan was to go to my appointment out of town, which was for 9:30 am, taking roughly 2 hours, come back and get my blood testing done and go home...but as usual it went different as planned. The weather was absolutely horrible and made for really crappy driving conditions,downpour and fog, half way on the way to the appointment, mind you I left about 1 hr and 15 minutes before the appointment for a drive that takes maybe 40 minutes, if it goes half decent traffic wise, the highway was like a parking lot and not moving more than a meter a minute, well I had plenty of time, but that ran out really fast, the first cut off I could get of I took and thought about taking the scenic route, as anything must have been moving more than the highway, but due to major constructions and high traffic volume that wasn't working either, 10 minutes before my appointment I finally gave in and call to tell them there is no way I can be there at the stipulated time, luckily they had another opening for 12 noon, so I took that one. Now what....if my appointment is at noon, it will be 2 before I get to leave, it will give me time to get my blood tests done, but by then I would have had nothing to eat more than 18 hrs and I was already starving, so I turned around to head back home, since I got now 2 1/2 hours to kill, and decided to go for my blood test first, got there for ten had to wait for quite some time and then rushed back out the door to get to my appointment for noon, still hadn't eaten anything because there was no time to stop, luckily I had at least a clementine in my purse from the day before when I took it to work. Well needless to say by the time I was done with my appointment in Hamilton I had such a bloody headache and was miserable as hell and hungry. So this is how my day off turned out from having everything done by lunchtime to an pretty much all day ordeal. I hate when that happens, not good for my inner peace lol...just glad I wasn't going for a stress test or something like that lol.Arrggghhhhh!


Melodie said...

Fasting Dr. appointments are the worst.Low blood sugar and traffic yikes!

Louise said...

They say fasting is good for you. They're full of baloney! Sounds like a hectic day. Bet you enjoyed it when you finally sat down to eat.