Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall favourites

WIth the change of the season, it is again that I can enjoy some of my favourite things for this time of the year.
*changing leave colours
*the sight of pumpkin patches while out on a drive thru the country
*my scented candles ( pumpkin pie, autumn leaves, apple cider etc)
*hot apple cider
*sitting in front of the fire place, as the furnace will not be turned for another few    
*just enjoying the cosiness of my "moose room" with fire place and all my favourite 
  things around me
*drives thru the country side on sunny fall days
*listening to the rain hitting the windows and knowing I don't have to go anywhere   
  today.(unfortunately that doesn' t happen every often)
*watching the squirrels in the backyard gathering winter stash
*the family going on vacation without me.....ahhhh peace and quiet and a clean house 
  for days ( wish they would stay longer though lol)
just to name a enjoying my  ME time right now ( in reality I should be cleaning, studying and all kinds of things to do, but no....not gonna happen. lol )


Chambray Blue said...

This makes fall sound so wonderful!

Chambray Blue said...

And I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the picture of gypsy. What a beauty!

Tina said...

HI, yes fall can be wonderful, if it is not rainy and grey and dreary like the last couple of days lol....Yes Gypsy was a beauty, absolute gorgeous and perfect donkey.

Sharon said...

We've been having some beautiful Autumn days, clear skies and a breeze making the dried oak trees rustle like an old lady's dress. So glad to have that high humidity out of here for a while! The dogs love being outside and play really hard to come in here and take naps, rather than tearing around in here!

Canyon Girl said...

I love autumn too and you described all there is to love so well.--Inger

Mina said...

I can almost taste the hot apple cider and smell the aroma from the pumpkin pie candle from here! Time to make a trip to Tim Hortons and Michaels lol

AJ-OAKS said...

What a wonderful description of Fall. Love it!

Marina said...

Fall is my favourite season! Thanks for sharing your favourite parts :)