Thursday, October 07, 2010

An eventful day!

Well there sure is never a dull moment at the donkey farm, and today was certainly no exception. I drove up there with the thought of having a quiet slow last day in the boutique, as the weather was crappy, the skies grey and the temperature less than desirable. But like always thing go different than one expects, given,  it was a slow day visitor wise, I think we had all of 37 people come through, all very nice people and I had lots of great conversations  with some of them and it was fun just talking with them. Two of my favourite people came back for another visit, of course the ever smiling Derek and his worker and a little boy, who just totally loves the donkeys, he must have been there with his dad at least 6 times this summer, he is probably 2 1/2 to three years old, but he just loves them. he cuddles up to the mini ones and even the big ones don't scare him, I wish I had my camera with me yesterday, as he was petting Indiana's leg,  as that's all he could reach and he was just looking up at him in awe. It was priceless.
Since it was a slow day, I was asked to get a donkey from the dark side and bring him over and up to the gate to get the burrs out of his coat and tail. Omg, some of the donkeys were just covered in them, Cocoa and Earl Grey were the worst. They had big clumps of burrs on their foreheads and on their legs and omg their tails were just one big burr tail, Earl's was so bad, that when he wagged it, it would stay in the wagging position and not move down again. With baby oil and combs we were all detangling. Earl was not very cooperative and not a happy camper, mostly because while I was working with him other  donkeys had to come over and check him out and   that made him very nervous and very cranky and it was just not safe for me and him to have him tight up to groom when he was constantly fighting off other donkeys, so I ended up taking him back over to the dark side and another volunteer worked on him, as I had to tend the boutique again. Ok while taking Earl back, the thing that I fear of happening the most, happened, as I was opening the gate to take Earl back, a few of the donkeys pushed their way through us and got out. So I had to round up a couple of donkeys to take them back on their that was FUN! 
Now since my working days at the Farm are over, I am going back to just volunteering, and well I got a volunteer offer yesterday, which really would be just up my alley, but it would again mean less time with the donkeys, so maybe I have to continue to come out two days, or just do office and grooming half a day each and put in a full day again. Not sure yet, just will see how it goes. But I really hate going home and not smelling like
I got home at 5:30 pm and changed quickly into my gym clothes and went to Zumba, not really sure why, because I was so tired and my body just didn't want to move anymore. After Zumba, it was a little bit of a gang up on me by the Instructor and friend, which I wasn't really to happy about, but I know where she was coming from but nevertheless made me feel like crap even more.  When I finally got away from her, I rushed home, plopped some left overs from last night on the table for the family and rushed out the door again to meet a friend for a quick coffee. But I was back home by nine and in bed by ten. So today I am dragging my ass a little bit and really I should be doing a few things but nothing is happening so far lol...well have a good day.


Louise said...

Argh, burrs. One of the trainers laughingly told us that the burrs in his horse's manes and tails were "country braiding." The are so hard to get out, and your fingers get all prickly and sensitive by the time you're through.

Hope you got some rest and that today is a perkier day, all around.

Sharon said...

I cannot even imagine getting the burrs out of a donkey's tail! Argh! That would be a tough job!
I don't know how you had the energy to go do zumba after a day of chasing donkeys!

Relax today and have a better day tomorrow!

Tracey said...

SLOW DOWN!!!!! You'll make yourself

Melodie said...

You must have the patience of a saint to sit and pick burs from a cranky donkey's tail!

DM said...

um i was not the one saying anything..i wanted to get out of that office...sorry if you felt i was ganging up on you. I wasn't

AJ-OAKS said...

Had to laugh at the donkey escapes. Been there, done that! They can move really quick when they want to! Silly longears.
Ahhh, the smell of a farm. No better smell. Right up there with puppy breath. Yum!