Monday, October 04, 2010

Celebrating "WORLD ANIMAL DAY" at the Donkey Farm!

I got a late start yesterday morning, I really didn't want to get out of bed, because it was just pouring rain like crazy, the temperature was not higher than 6 degrees Celsius and the only thing that really got me up, was the thought of the sweet faces of the donkeys.  As I left here it was still raining and miserable and the closer I got to the Farm, the brighter the sky got, not that is was sunny but at least it wasn't raining. As soon as I got out of the car I was happy I brought my sweater as the wind was just howling and it was freezing cold.Some of the donkeys have changed so much already due to their winter fur and it's hard to recognize them, I can't get over how much they look different. I cleaned up the Garden Paddock and lane way and even though I was working hard, I was still freezing. I finally met Izzy, a student volunteer, who I feel I have known forever due to Facebook, as I have seen all his amazing pictures of his travels. We had a nice chat about his latest adventure to Africa to volunteer at the Primate Sanctuary... absolutely amazing experience for him. He is an absolute sweetie, all of maybe 20 years old, but with lots of amazing life experiences under his belt already. It' s always nice to meet young people who are that ambitious and have so many interests and pursue them at whatever cost. We had many more volunteers there today, as we had little events planned for the day, there were information booths, craft table for the kids  and many more things and of course there were the donkeys. Despite the crappy weather and low temperatures it was an over 230 visitor day, wow. So we were busy, very busy. We got many food donations, so many actually that we donated some of them to a nearby horse farm, to not let all the goodies go to waste, Adam said he can only eat so many apples a day lol...And of course the donkeys loved their treats today and everybody got some.
As I was standing at the fence talking with Terri, our Learning Centre volunteer, I got summoned by Ruth up to the boutique, as she was working it today, she had a whole group of University students lined up and thought I could take them on the ....arrrghhhh! But actually I didn't even think about it too long and just went to work, and it was fine, they were looking for a donkey to sponsor as a class and so I had to introduce them to a few donkeys and tell them their stories etc. We started out with the Garden Paddock donkeys and worked our way to the fence along the main field and down to the barn. Thank god I knew about the donkeys that were close by and had no  problem relating their stories and answer questions about them. In the end there was a toss up between Paco and Cargo and they decided to go with Cargo and we brought him out so he can get into the group picture. When it was time to take Cargo back to the dark side, the little bugger decided to take me for a little spin, damn he is one strong donkey and I had a hard time holding on to him, and I didn't know I can run like that and not let go. lol. But I got him back to were he belonged and boy I sure wasn't cold anymore.
I had some conversations with some very nice people and was happy to help them find "their donkey". I spent some time with my Buffy, who is on stall rest, due to an abscess, poor little thing, she sure looked like she was in a lot of pain, but some hugs and cuddles seem to make her forget about it for a little bit. It was really sad to see her lay down like this.
The donkeys have been way more active in the cooler weather than they all have been in the summer heat. For course Donny is still keeping them all hoping and it was the first time I saw Cocoa have it out with him, well more like showed him who is boss, as Donny was infringing on his hay. Cocoa makes me smile every time I walk pass him, if you don't pay attention to him as you walk by, he lets out those cute little moans, that just make you take notice and well then you look at his sweet face and you know you can't just walk by, and I never do without giving him a nose and ear rub or a hug. He is just adorable and well definitely becoming a fan favourite.
Juno got a new best friend, and apparently her own little protector. Donkeschoen has been seen standing between her and the boys while she is in heat and has to try to get away from all the wanna be stud muffins. Male...when will they give it up?
Well nothing like spending a cold day among furry friends that snuggle up against you to keep your heart warm. So hope that my Buffy is feeling better soon and be back on her feet.


Sharon said...

It seems like everybody is getting rain, 'cept us. It's so dry out there and now we have cool (nearly chilly!) Definitely October weather.

You had a busy day! That's quite a few people, right? Do you have open days during the winter? I have no clue how cold it gets there.

Tina said...

Well Sharon....our last official open day always has been the canadian thanksgiving day, which is next weekend, so Sunday will be our last open day. However it was decided that we will have three Open Days in December, after yesterday's temps I am rethinking that one lol. We will be open the two Sundays and the Wednesday before Christmas. As for how cold it gets....hmmmm last year there were a few days I was out there by - 20 Celsius, (which would be 4 F), and the wind is always howling up there, so it makes it even colder. But it should be fun!

Marina said...

I'm so sad that we won't be able to get out one more time before you close for the winter :( Will you still be volunteering during the winter months?

Tina said...

Hi Marina, too bad that you won't able to come by before we close, but then there are those three open days in December. :)
Oh yes, I will be there at least once a week during the winter months, it will be cold, but it is all worth it. I will finally get to groom a donkey again...have totally forgotten how that is, as I haven't really done it since April, so there will be some more chances to practise, i always pick the easier ones lol...that tend to cooperate.