Sunday, October 10, 2010

An absolutely gorgeous last OPEN DAY!

Wow, the weather really could have not been any better for our last OPEN DAY at the DSC. For the last five years it has been my own Thanksgiving tradition to be at the DSC on the last OPEN DAY, this year was no exception, except it was in a different role, well actually even in a different role as I was hoping for, as I was asked to cover the boutique instead of being down in the barn. I left my usual time, I was not exactly in the best mind frame, partially because I was in the boutique, that means not much donkey time, and I had a few things on my mind that very occupying the wrong space in my head and needed to be sorted out and somehow dealt with. It was really chilly when I got there , about 2 degrees Celsius and I was glad I brought my sweater and jacket. Since the boutique doesn't open til 10, I  spent the first 1 1/2 hours doing chores and then got the boutique ready. And soon after opening people started to stream in. It was a very busy day, the donation box was filled plenty of times and the sales in the boutique were awesome. Compared to the beginning of the season the boutique is pretty empty and we had to purchase a few more items in between to restock. Ruth really did an amazing job picking a different variety of donkey related items, there seemed to be something for everybody. Most of the visitors this time around where repeat visitors and that sure is nice to see. I only had to give the safety talk a couple of times, and only because Sheri, who works Sundays in the Welcome Centre, was going the donkey talk. I think my favourite visitors were two little girls, who each came  with a little ziploc baggies filled with bits and pieces of carrots, which they said they saved for the donkeys from their Thanksgiving Dinner. Too cute, unfortunately they weren't allowed to feed it to the donkeys themselves, but at least they saw Steph feeding it to them, so they were happy to see the donkeys enjoy part of their Thanksgiving dinner.At around one Cate stopped by to volunteer for the afternoon, it was nice to see her, but we didn't get much time to talk, just enough time for her to make me cry....happy tears...(but that will be another entry). The time went by fast on this gorgeous day and it was soon 4 o'clock and the DSC once again belonged to only the donkeys and us. That was a kind of mixed emotional moment, on one hand it is nice to have the calmness back and the donkeys to ourselves, but on the other hand I sure will miss talking about the donkeys to people who want to hear the stories and want to learn...and I will miss the time with all my great new friends and volunteers, and really just talk about one topic ....DONKEYS. But there are a few more events coming up within the month of October to attend and then I will have to figure out when I will get a chance to go and volunteer again. I will have donkey withdrawal for sure in the next little while, as I will be busy at work with some extra days on top of my few and far workdays. Change and realigning things is going to happen and I will have to adjust to that again....oh how I hate change lol....

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Sharon said...

Not really fond of change myself, unless it's good, haven't seen much of that lately.