Saturday, October 09, 2010

Are you sitting down?- Venting

Yes I am finally....unfortunately at work but at least I am sitting.
Thursday I spent the morning with a friend at my favourite coffee spot and we then ventured to visit the "Enabler's store", how she calls it. Well while my friend showed great restrain, I wasn't that strong and my will power went right out the window, but we already knew that from the attack the night before lol. So I spent a few dollars on some more stash, that I don't know when I will ever stitch. 

After a quick lunch at home I went to Ancaster to the book store, to look for a few certain books, unfortunately I wasn't very successful in finding what I was exactly looking for, but nevertheless I found some books of interest and got those. I guess I have to resort to online shopping again to get exactly what I am looking for.

Friday was another run around day, went to take my daughter to school, went to the bank, had to go back home because some OCD issue was nagging at me and I had to wonder I get all these steps in per day lol, I guess that's a good thing lol, I went to work, got my job performance appraisal and it was like always great lol, went down to the lake to talk with J., stopped at the pasture to see the "little man", went to the grocery store to get all the trimming for Thanksgiving dinner, took my daugher to work, cooked dinner and cleaned the house, prepared all the things I could prepare, because dinner with the in-laws and family will I am sitting here at work til about 3:30 pm, hmmm wonder what they expect from me. No we couldn't have dinner on Monday when everybody is home and it actually is Thanksgiving. Hmmm go figure. To top it off, when I told AH that he will have to start cooking, as everything is ready to go and just needs to be turned on, he asked why and I just looked at him, wanted to choke him too and said because I am working, duh? Oh you never told me...yeah..that's why I told you I wanted it to be on Monday, but you needed peace and quiet and time to relax and didn't want to see anybody. Relax from what????? Doing nothing? Watching TV? Hmmmm just wondering. Well here is to a quiet relaxing Thanksgiving Weekend. LOL Ha ha ha!


Sharon said...

That's occasionally how it works around here.

I hope they enjoyed their dinner.....

Jules said...

My sister has a husband like that, lol! She can put in a full day on her feet in the flower shop, he may get home before her, and he still expects her to get dinner cooked. During the holidays it is even worse because she may get home before 8pm, or she may get home around 12am. I think men are just like that.

Hope your week gets better!!!

Pumpkin said...

Looks like someone got some nice new stash ;o)