Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Revised life list

* hold a Koala
* swim with dolphins
* meet Robin Williams
* drive a convertible
* go off roading
* visit New York City and watch a Broadway play
* ride in a speed boat
* learn how to bartend
* take a college course ( anything animal related)
* help someone in need
* volunteer at the DSC do the carrot walk
* go to Africa and work as an aidworker
* spend a fall up north
* travel across Canada by train
* loose my fears
* go on the Eiffel tower and spend time sitting at the Trocadero Gardens
* see the Mona Lisa
* ride on a snowmobile or skidoo
* go horseriding on a beach or trail
* go on the Maid of the Mist
* go on a Helicoper ride
* get a tattoo
* go tree trekking and zip lining
* learn how to fly
* go to dinner all alone
* learn to play piano or guitar
* visit a donkey sanctuary in a different country, preferably England
* travel more
* get fit


Cat said...

I should write up one of those... Yours is very interesting!


Sharon said...

Snow Mobile rides are cool, I should say, colder then H---, your knees get jarred constantly, your shins, feet and hand are so numb from the cold, you can't feel them. Your eyes burn, and your face feels tight (in this case, not a good tight). My advice is to shoot for the skidoo! Balmy weather, speed, water... sounds like I would maybe appreciate that, myself! I agree, dinner (full tilt) by yourself with the waiters all around, IS fabulous! I hope you get to enjoy it soon!

I myself would love to take a ride in the Everglades in one of those fast flat boats, just skimming on the water and enjoying the view!

Pumpkin said...

I love your list! I have one too but it's much smaller. I should start adding to mine again :o)

Melodie said...

Great list! I hope you get to do every single thing on there!

Tina said...

Cat- you's fun. When I started mine a while ago, after being inspired after an episode of the ELLEN show, there were a few things I had on my mind all my life, things I had done alreayd and then things I thought I would like to do but the chance to accomplish them seemed so unrealistic, but yet some of them have come true....
Sharon- Yeah I am leaning more to a skidoo myself lol....the everglade boat rides, they are so much fun and exciting. The speed boat I was on was in Niagara Falls on the Niagara river, omg so cool.
Pumpkin-I am always adding new things lol...something I see on TV or hear about and would love to usually takes me a long long time to even try those things then, but you just never know.
Meldodie- So do I, the very last thing I probably will do is learn to just never know .

Tammy said...

donkey tattoo?...missed you on wednesday!

Tina said...

Tammy- no donkey tattoo yet...still looking for the right luck with it yet....i do have one tattoo already that's why it's checked of the list.:)