Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Searching for the right picture!

It's amazing what you find out in  casual conversations and what leads from one thing to another. As part of the Welcome Centre and the boutique we were asked to show of our  " I love donkeys" or a heart with two donkey faces temporary tattoos. I usually pick the "I love donkey" one and roll up my sleeves and put it on the top of my arm. As I was standing there the other day  the lady, who runs the "education centre" at the DSC, noticed it and commented how nice it look and I replied with "well I should get in inked on permanently so I don't have to do it again every day"  and how I was thinking about getting a donkey tattooed on me and all of a sudden she was talking about how she always wanted a tattoo and how much she is scared of getting one and she went on and on, hmmm sounded like me a couple of years ago, and I told her all that was told to me about it before I got mine, that it was less painful than I expected it to be, and that I had a coworker kind of hold my hand and nudge me onwards because I was so afraid of it, but it was something I always wanted. After that she said "you know what, I am turning 60 next week and if I don't get adventurous now I never will" and she made up her mind right then and there that she will go for it and asked me if I would  go with her when she is ready to go, after her daughters wedding in July. Of course I will, I am always happy to pay forward what was done for me and it might give me the next little push to really think about what I want exactly, where I want it and when I will get it. So the plans are in motion and the search for the right donkey picture is on.
Ok I can see some of my friends rolling their eyes and wondering why a donkey, well for one... for the obvious reason, because I love them. But I have been asked why a donkey before, since a tattoo suppose to have a meaning to you as a person, and as I had explained  once to my PIC about the significance of a donkey, well donkeys do represent me as a being, no I am not an Ass, and I am taking being called an Ass as a compliment,  but I am so much more like a donkey than people realize, and maybe that's why I relate to them, understand and love them so much. Most people do not really know the real characteristics of a donkey, they think of them mostly in negative terms like stubborn, stupid, slow, lazy etc. But that is far from the truth. Donkeys are very intelligent, they are friendly, gentle, loving, affectionate, patient, independent, curious and yet cautious, a donkey prefers to do what is best for itself, not what others want from him/her,  they are laid back, just to name a few of the real descriptions for a donkey.  Well and I am most of those things too, I know I definitely am one to wait and watch and do things at my pace when I feel it is safe for me to do so.

Found this description of a donkey compared to a horse the other day on a webpage, made me chuckle and I thought how true is that ...."Donkeys can perform all the gaits horses or mules do, but galloping is usually not on the program unless dinner is being served."
It makes me smile every time when I see them run towards their food, especially the mini ones, how cute they truly are.


Louise said...

Good for you, and that lady. I hope she gets one that she will take pleasure in the rest of her life.

Sharon said...

I used to want one, now that my skin has lost elasticity and sagged, I am glad I didn't. Heaven only knows what it would look like! LOL!

John Gray said...

I know how that cat feelslike!!!!