Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of my favourite books!

Donkey-  The Mystique of Equus Asinus by Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison

Donkeys, often seen as the horse's humble, lesser-born relatives, receive their tribute here. The authors--conservationists, ecologists, and environmental educators--were both smitten by encounters with Equus asinus at an early age. They write of their fascination with this ubiquitous beast of burden, their friendships with donkeys, and donkeys' conversations with each other. In loving, poetic prose, the authors perambulate through the donkey's landscape, examining their role in human affairs, history, art and agriculture. The donkey is a richly social animal, a characteristic that winds throughout the text and enlivens the narrative. The authors often touch on humans' mistreatment of donkeys over the millennia and of the donkeys' continued patience with their tormentors. They examine the natural history of the species, their strength and endurance, and their role in human affairs. A surprising number of donkey facts, supported by extensive endnotes, are infused into what is overall a lovely paean to the donkey. Copiously illustrated with color photos and artwork.

I just love this book. 


Sharon said...

Good post, darling donkeys in the video!

Tracey said...

Ohhhhhhhhh they are so gorgeous!!! I've been horsey all my life but have always preferred donkeys! xxx

Melodie said...

Like Tracey,I am not a horse person.I love donkeys though! There is just so many ways they are different from horses...mine are calm,not flighty, sweet and slow ...the opposite of all the things I find unnerving about horses...

Louise said...

What beautiful creatures! I like both horses and donkeys. They're so different, yet so similar.

AJ-OAKS said...

Great post!! Your love for longears just beems through your blog. When you do bring a donkey of your own into your life, I bet it won't be just one or two!! :)
Hugs to you.

Tina said...

Sharon - I thought it was a cute video too. Shows so much of their personality.
Tracey-I have always loved donkeys. Horses scare me a little bit, well I kind of had an incident when I was younger, so I am not quite over that fear...but I am working on it.
Melodie- So true, they are very calm,just have an ora about them that makes you feels so at peace and in the now.
Louise- I love horses too, I think they are absolute beautiful majestic creatures....they have such a presence...but I am a little bit nervous around them, but then too haven't been around horses too much either.
Cindy-LOL to answer your questions...if I win the lottery and can buy a little farm lol....and then I will foster two donkeys from the DSC. I keep playing the lottery until then. Wish me luck!lol