Friday, July 30, 2010


WOO HOO! I got the "Singing Donkey" finished, well the stitching part at least.  I think I will frame this one instead of bothering one of my sisters to finish it for me...I really should learn how to do things for myself, but with some things I am just totally useless and no I won't tell the story about the sewing machine and the paper no way! I stitched this one with COCOA in mind. Cocoa is our North Carolina donkey, whose former owner comes every year to visit him. Her and I have started a friendship over the donkeys via Facebook and emails and are in regular contact. We also have this little inside joke, so the "Sing like nobody's listening" is just perfect for her. I know she will love it.
I even have donkey wrapping paper to wrap it up in. WOO HOO! 

I am so proud of my newest project and I am itching to show it of, but I can't yet, it will be a surprise for someone special, and I do know they read my blog.  I do love to surprise people with the unexpected as often as I can, sometimes it's too obvious, but sometimes there is no way somebody finds out it was me and that's how I like it.:). Funny, I like to surprise people, but personally I absolutely hate surprises. Well it will still take a day or two to finish it and then not really sure what I want to do with it and how I am gonna pull that one off. Oh well, I will think of something somehow.

This morning I am off to have a "bad" for me breakfast at a not so fancy restaurant, but with the hope to run into somebody there and find out what's really going on with them. Sometimes you wonder if you really ever know a person, or was what you got to see just a person wearing a mask, and then I wonder why do you think you need to wear a mask if we were "friends"....well time will tell and it will all work out the way it is meant to work out. I mean I know when somebody is wearing a "mask" as I have had my own for so very very long....not anymore though... I have come a long way....and I am proud of that and who I am as a person. WOO HOO!
Ok enough with the WOO HOOs, but it is so have to be yourself, somebody doesn't like it, that's not your problem but theirs......that's my wisdom for today. Have a good one.


Sharon said...

First off..... I do not know what is the matter with blogger, most times, I have to hunt for your blog, click the last one and the new one comes up. Seems yours comes up wayyyy after you have written it. So if you wonder why I haven't commented, it's because I am looking for you!

Absolutely love your new work of art! That is very lovable!

Have a great day!

Tina said...

Thanks Sharon.
Yes blogger is giving me trouble too, I have a hard time leaving comments and it's driving me nuts.
Hope your day is good too.

Louise said...

It came out beautiful! I'm sure that your friend is going to love it. Hope that you're able to help the friend you're looking for, also.

You know that I've had the same trouble with your blog as Sharon. It hides for several hours before showing up on my blog list. Blogger can be so irritating at times.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Can't wait to see your finish and as far as the paper towel, well,,, give me a break! I find with blogger, if you schedule your post for a later time or day it posts the title and then realizes that it was suppose to have waited. Once the scheduled time comes the post is there. Who knows.

Tammy said...

great finish Martina!!! I wanna know what the surprise project is lol. Please can you bring the cats pattern on wed for me...that would be great Thanks

Melodie said...

That is just too cute! I love the donkey looks like she is singing and donkey dancing,lol!