Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday and today!

*Called my mom first thing in the morning to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thought I do it early just because it would be too late to do it after I come home from the DSC. When I called, she told me she had guest and gave one of the guests the phone to say hello to me. Wow, what a nice surprise, I recognized the voice right away, it was my Uncle Peppi, my dad's brother. It was so nice to talk to him and hear his voice and listen all his wise cracks he makes all the time. After a few minutes chatting with him he handed the phone back to my mom and we chatted shortly and I said I would call her later during the week to chat longer. Funny too, I sent my present to her last week Monday and she got it last week Thursday, far cry from getting her Christmas present last year, that I sent three weeks prior and ended up getting there at the end of January. Maybe we should have Christmas in July with the overseas family. lol.

*What a hot and sticky day at the Farm. Omg it was horrible, after fifteen minutes of getting there I was already soaking wet from the humidity and all your clothes just stuck to you, I hate that feeling. I brought Adam a little present lol....well more for the Donkeys but for his sake too lol....I heard them complain last Sunday how horrible the smell of lavender scented epson salt with apple cider vinegar was, but that's all they could find at that time, so I brought him two huge containers of plain epson salt and he was delighted as that will make his job of soaking hoofs much more pleasant, and of course I brought two bags of carrots for the donkeys. I never go there without carrots lol....even my lunch is loaded with carrots, that I never eat and only take as lunch to spoil those cuties.

*Odin was being a little brat while I was cleaning up the garden paddock.Just minutes before I arrived at the DSC they had a five minute downpour and Odin was soaking wet and decided to roll in the sand pile, that was oddly enough under trees and fairly dry, well Odin rolled and rolled and as the white donkey stood up, there was not a speck of white on him and he decided he would get cuddly with me....I don't think so little buddy, as I had to work in the boutique later on. But he was not giving up that easily and it took some maneuvering on my part to get away from him. He is such a little boy still.

*We had over 155 visitors yesterday and lot of people from other countries. I had a cute encounter with a four year old boy at the boutique that just was too cute. His mother let him choose one of the toys from the boutique and he chose one of the SCHLEICH donkeys, well actually he convinced his mother that he needed two because it is not good for donkeys to be alone. Good point there! So after he picked two of the same kind, I showed him the other one that was a little bit different but the same price, but after just a look at the other figurine he said "no thank you, I want both of them look in the same direction, so they can always see each other"....ok another good point and in my work at the preschool I have learnt you don't argue with a four year old lol. He was bound to get these two same donkeys, his mother still was not really to thrilled about it, and asked him to please not make the donkeys dinosaur food at home, and he said, no no no no, dinosaurs have other dinosaurs to eat at home lol...ok...good point again. As he was sitting on the floor in the boutique and playing with his donkeys, I found out in conversation with his mom that he has a whole bunch of the same donkeys at home already, and I said oh he is working on a herd isn't he...and she just laughed. I asked the little boy what he would name those two donkeys and without hesitation he said "Odin" and "Summer". Funny that he picked the youngest and the oldest donkey on the farm. He definitely pays attention when he is here to what is said about the donkeys, and that is wonderful. He and his mother stayed for a good while and he even sat quietly through the whole donkey talk with Kim, that takes good 20 to 30 minutes. Kids like that amaze me all the time.

*Spent some special time with Danny after work as it was going to be his last day at the DSC. Poor little guy. He is so loved there and such a spokes donkey for the DSC. He will be sadly missed by us all.

*I will stay close to my email and wait for word from the DSC about Danny's fate. Makes me so sad again.

*I definitely want to finish my "singing donkey" today and start a short little project for one of my friends, as a surprise, so I won't write too much about it and definitely won't post any progress on it.

*Definitely trying to take it easy today too, to give my food a rest. Taping it up every day has given me some relief, but as soon as I don't do it, the pain is just enormous and sometimes I can barely put any weight on it. But oh well!

*Had fun with my Squirrel friends in the backyard already this morning. As I was opening the blinds in the living room I saw them taking of into the direction of the neighbour's garden, but as they saw the blinds opening they just stood there and returned back to the deck, once I got around to the kitchen blinds at the back door, they were all standing there waiting. And the cats were sitting on the other side of the window pouncing....well that's why you are inside and they are outside....or something like that!

*Tonight is one of my meetings and well we will see if there has been made any progress....hopefully I am back on the right track and not let my emotions control me.

Hope everybody has a great day and is ready for whatever the day will bring you. Ready or it comes!


Sharon said...

Love your little squirrel pic! So few around here, because of all the dogs.

So nice for you to talk with your Uncle! I miss that.

So hot and sticky here, as well, I hate to go out the door. Today I must, I go in for yet another breathing test so they can tell me what I already know.

Have a great day!

Tracey said...

I love your newsy posts! I hate hot & sticky too & long for the winter...(so I can complain about the ice & snow!) xxx

Melodie said...

I had to laugh about Odin! Our Clyde is the worst about that,he loves to roll and our soil is clay! I tell him if he is not careful he is going to turn himself in to a clay pot and I an going to plant a flower right on top of his head!

Louise said...

Yesterday was miserable, but, today, it is much nicer here. That little boy certainly brightened up your day. I'm glad he loves the donkeys so, and that his Mom is willing to bring him there to see them, obviously more than once.