Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another Donkey Angel!

I was going to write about my day on the Farm today, but I will do that maybe tomorrow, today is dedicated to our sweet Danny. And absolute amazing donkey, who was loved by us all and will be missed by so many. Especially his Helia. I am so glad I could give her a hug today and that she was there in his finally hour.

Sadly Thursday morning it was time to end sweet Danny's life in a humane way to end his suffering and agony. I cried all the way home Wednesday night after leaving the farm, I was told just before I left and of course went down to spend some time with Danny.  After I had some cuddles with him I was just leaning over the gate of his stall to watch him eat and I had Orly and Sable both snuggled up against the back of me. Oh Danny ....what can I say about that amazing donkey boy. Danny has been one of the sweetest, most agreeable donkeys I have ever met, he was such a symbol of the DSC and almost like a mascot because everybody knew Danny and everybody loved Danny. Danny to me was always the perfect embodiment of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, walking around with his head hanging low, looking sad and depressed all the time, but despite that impression Danny was full of life, he loved attention and would seek people out all the time, and he would stand there for hours on Open Days and enjoy the brushing of the visitors. He was a noisy little guy, who knew exactly when it was time to eat and he would make it loud and clear when he wanted his special food. His bray was always so distinguished from all the other brays, and I would sometimes just be in the yard and hear him bray and say to myself...what is he complaining about now? could always tell it was Danny, he had this little squeaky bray at the end of his long serenades. His beautiful singing inspired me to do the "singing donkey" pillows for Donkey Day, they were always stitched with him in mind, that's why I changed the colours of the donkeys too.  He definitely was one of the most vocal donkeys we have and everybody always stopped doing what they were doing to just listen to him and watch him. Even his last few weeks on stall rest, he demanded his attention and there were plenty of people to give it to him. He was so loved, especially by his Helia, who has been volunteering at the DSC for 11 years and just loved the little guy to pieces. Since he had been on stall rest she came out to just visit with him so he won't get lonely and sad. She cut up his food into little pieces to feed him things he had a hard time eating, because of his bad teeth. She has loved him for the past 11 years and I know her heart will be broken as many of ours will be too. No matter how much our heads understand what is best, our hearts are not always so easily convinced.
This was Danny's story as per DSC biography of the sweet donkey boy.....
Danny is a dappled, brown and white Standard donkey who was born in 1985. Before being admitted to the DSC in 1994, he lived for many years with a herd of cattle on a farm in Southern Ontario. Since he was with the cattle all the time and being fed the same diet, Danny was significantly overweight. When the owners of the farm decided to sell and move to the Maritimes, Danny was slated to go to auction. Fortunately, though, a neighbour who had enjoyed seeing Danny in the fields, and who often stopped the car to pat the little donkey, enquired about Danny’s future. When the neighbour learned that, due to his poor condition, Danny would probably be sold to a slaughterhouse representative, it was decided that the donkey deserved a better fate. The neighbour purchased him and in turn contacted the DSC to request that Danny be taken in. Danny is one of the most agreeable and gentle donkeys living at the Sanctuary Farm. He enjoys the company of the donkeys in the main herd and, at the same time, he is wonderfully gentle with our visitors. Helia, a long time DSC volunteers, is particularly fond of Danny and he thrives under the care that she gives to him.

Rest in peace my sweet  little Danny boy. You will be missed by so many and your voice will be missed by us all.

Danny and Pookie (probably 2006)


Sharon said...

At least he had all those bonus years at DSC, with so many hands to touch, pat and scritch him. Now he is in quiet rest, and not a problem in his dear head.


Melodie said...

It is always hard when you loose a beloved animal, no matter in peace Danny Boy.

Louise said...

He was loved and cared for, and, when it was time, he was sent to the Bridge with peace and dignity. RIP sweet Danny. Hugs to all of those who are the ones hurting now, because they were left behind.

Tracey said...

How sad. At least his last days were happy & full of people who loved & cared for him....That was a beautiful tribute to Danny boy. xxx

AJ-OAKS said...

Goodnight sweet Danny. :(