Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday random rants and vents.....arrrrggghhh

* broke my donkey necklace this morning while getting dressed.....arrrggghhh
* there are a few blogs I would love to follow, but for some reason every single time I try to follow, my computer times me out and it won't work....still trying....getting more frustrated by the minute....the same goes for leaving comments too.....arrrrgggghhhh
* got some stitching done over the last few days, noticed I missed a stitch somewhere, put it in, finally clued in that I had been using the wrong colour for that symbol to begin with....grrrrrr so the frogs are jumping....apparently when doing counted crosstitch, not only do you need to be able to count, but it helps if you can read numbers right, apparently I can't...since I messed up on 453 and 543.....duh! But somehow I don't like how it looks eithe way....guess it will have to grow on me , hopefully, and maybe it will look ok when doesn't even look right from afar lol, maybe from the back? lol nah...not my backs.
* so wanted to go to the farm today to yet join a new adventure and learn something new, but well sometimes your body just won't let I am staying put taking it easy.
* so wanted to get my house in order today too, but again somehow procrastination got the better of me and I am sitting at the PC or on the couch stitching.
*why do two good events always fall on the same day and you have to make a decision which one to attend..... grrrrrrr. Maybe I can do both....there is plenty of me to get around lol. Damn I am off all summer and it all happens on July 10th.....arrrrrggghhhhh

I need a mini vacation......


Sharon said...

Oh, is that why your blog pops in and out? You are working on it? Are you on dial-up? I used to time out ALL the time, it got old real fast!

Sorry about the miss-counting, I am (was) working on a hooked rug and got messed up somewhere, so frustrated, I packed it up and has been under the bed ever since.

Yard clean-up today, we had to hire someone to mow the yard while the mower is in the shop. I procrastinate a bit myself!

Danni said...

Ohmygosh, your "i need a mini vacation" with photo CRACKED me up. Thanks for the laugh :)
Though I am very sorry you had such a bad time lately. :-(
And your donkey necklace...ohhhh

AJ-OAKS said...

Okay, the day is over. Tomorrow will be better.
Mini vacation?! Sounds good to me. :) Just do it!

Tracey said...

There are problems in blogland, a lot of people are having trouble leaving comments... Just try to relax....I keep telling myself to, but it's not working! LOL xxx

Louise said...

Yesterday is gone forever. Today is a new day, and it's going to be a beautiful one. Relax and enjoy your Saturday.