Thursday, July 15, 2010

CTV Local Heroes July 14, 2010

Not the best quality video as I had to record it from my TV. Carrie is the volunteer that was my partner when I went for the training session in December, she is a long time senior volunteer and board member. Leigh just started in the spring, and I work a lot of times with her on Sundays, she really is a fun girl and we always have a great time together. It really is amazing to be among all these like minded people all there for the same good and intend. Some of the donkeys in this video are "my" Buffy, Buddy ( the nosey one that came for the camera), Franco, Monte, Summer, Lady, Cocoa ( the giant), Odin and many more. The one with the reporter is Bob Ray, he has been on TV so many times already, he is the star at the DSC. It must have been a good spot for him, because long after the taping of the segment and the reporter was long gone, I saw him still standing there for good another hour, guess somebody forgot to tell him it was over.


Sharon said...

Cool! It looks more fun than I thought! The donkeys were, of course, simply darling!

I just noticed your post, I don't know if it's my eyes or blogger, I didn't see it till tonight!

Tina said...

It's blogger, I have been on your post yesterday evening and it still only showed the post from the day before. Go figure....