Friday, July 16, 2010

A new day, a new and an "old" donkey and an award.

*After a very disappointing meeting yesterday, I guess I have to turn it up an notch to get to where I want and need to be, but somehow I am having same ole same ole feelings creeping up that need to be somehow overcome, just not sure how...well thought maybe taking in an early Zumba class might help. So after my morning routine I went to the Zumba class at the Gretzky Centre, woo hoo.... all in shape people there....and then me lol...I somehow managed to keep up the whole hour of non stop Zumba and really it was a lot of fun and I remembered most of the steps. The music just does the rest, no matter how much you're not in the mood to exercise. I know as soon as I hear the music, I miss it and want to go, but then my body tells me otherwise at times, but today I was just not listening. And it felt great.
*At Wednesday's stitch night with my sisters I was surprise by one of them with a new donkey for my collection, he is so cute and will be loved dearly. Makes me feel good to know that people think about me at times even when we are not together. Thank you Tammy, that was really sweet of you.
*Today Orly, the donkey, will be returning to the DSC. She is anxiously awaited by staff and volunteers alike. I can't wait to see her on Sunday. She has been gone a long time from the DSC and lived on a foster farm,  but per DSC policy and charter Orly will be brought back home because of the loss of her daughter on Monday and no donkey will be left alone at a foster farm. Orly will hopefully be happy to see some of her original friends from the slaughter truck again, most of them are still living here at the DSC, and Orly will need all the love she can get right now. I know donkeys can get quite depressed when they loose a close friend, but I also know there is always a new donkey to take that empty spot and fill it with love and companionship. So hopefully Orly will be fine.
*Ok, I know this is a tad late but definitely not forgotten, I received a blogger award from Tracey and from Sharon, thank you guys, I really appreciate it and gladly accept this award with a big smile. (1.)
The guidelines for accepting this award are :

1. Thank the person who gave it to you
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers whom you have recently discovered,
and think are fantastic.
7 things about I know why Sharon skipped this part lol and thought we know everything about her already....I will bare with me here lol......

1. There is a list of words, made by my friends, that I have to say ever so often for their entertainment....I guess I don't say them correctly even after 22 years here or they just still sound funny to them....I think I say them just fine, but they get a chuckle out of it every single time.
2. My best friend, when I was a kid, was a guinea pig named NICKEL.
3. I love donkeys
4. I am not a picky eater, but there is no way anybody gets me to eat lentil soup. Yuck!
5. I am hooked on banana and strawberry smoothies
6. I have turned into a avid coffee drinker...and I am sure my blood pressure doesn't really like it.
7. I still have so much to learn, not enough time to do it and struggling to fit it all in somewhere, somehow. (I am a procrastinator...but that is no big secret and it works for me lol).

Now to the new blogs I have discovered...well a few new ones and a few oldies but goodies and in now particular order....and then there are so many more who deserve it...just check out my blog list on the side.


Sharon said...

Okay, I have seen the zumba classes, I would last 30 seconds, you did an hour! (In awe!)

Poor Orly, having to adjust, all over again. That's tough!

Cute stuffed toy, Jill would love it - hee hee!

Hmm, can't stand lentil soup, huh? Must be something wrong with your recipe........ ;-)

Tracey said...

Lentils.....YUK! Shouldn't be allowed.
I would never had guessed you like donkeys!!!!! xxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Can you say Nosvinestein for me...

Tammy said...

Glad you like it and of course your thought about thats what friends and "sisters" do!!