Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another little place of heaven on Earth.

This is just amazing and makes me so happy to see, wow I think of all these poor elephants in tiny zoos enclosures and the many circuses around the country, only a few lucky ones end up here.

Check it out at


Sharon said...

The Elephant Sanctuary is about an hours drive from here. I couldn't get the whole thing of the 2nd one to download, my satellite is just not happy. It's raining off and on and the whole set-up is frustrating.

Tina said...

Cool have you ever been there? It would definitely something I would love to see. I think it is so amazing, they are such abused animals.

Sharon said...

No, I have never been there, the last I heard, it was not open to the public. I think the elephants need to be away from all that anyway, they deserve their peace.

Pumpkin said...

I LOVE this post Tina! You're right, they should be in the wild and not in a circus or zoo. Same goes for Orcas.

I recently saw a show on Mosha, the little elephant with a prosthetic leg. You might want to check it out -

Tammy said...

thats an amazing story!! I would luv to go there one day!!

road trip lol

Louise said...

That's amazing. Especially the story of Bella and Tara.