Monday, July 12, 2010

A full day at the DSC

It definitely was a full day at the DSC yesterday, lots of things going on, lots of talking and educating, lots of learning from each other and about each other and the route the DSC is taking, lots of chit chat about certain donkeys and lots of prayers and hopes for our sweet Danny.
I got to the DSC like always by 8:30am and as I was driving up the long driveway pretty much every donkey was enjoying to nice sunny morning out in the field. It was nice and sunny, not a cloud in the sky and not that hot yet. I spotted those little devil ears of Hershey right away and snapped a picture of him.

Buddy was trying to check if it was true that the grass is always greener on the other side, and he must think that it is, as he was hanging between the fence to reach the grass on the other side.
It was the first Sunday without Cate and it felt a little bit odd to not have her there, as Adam is so  much more relaxed and usually doesn't delegate chores. So I kind of took things into my own hand and just do what I usually would be doing if Cate was there, so first I checked all the water buckets to see that everybody had water. Then I started cleaning the barnyard and the office paddock. We got every single thing done before opening at 10 am. By then it was getting hot and humid again and the donkeys started to hang out in the cooler barn again. Solo and Juno were standing under the trees in the Garden Paddock and trying to stay cool there. Juno is really getting pudgy, as you can see by her belly and neck roll. I know she is being tested for a thyroid problem.
The flies and bees were really bad yesterday and the odd time you saw a donkey racing around trying to get away from them. I had some quiet time with Chiclet and he was really affectionate, so he must have had a good day.
Despite the heat there were lots of people out for a visit. I have met some very nice people over the last couple of Sundays and yesterday was not exception. I had a long chat with a young lady from Ireland who volunteers there at the Donkey Sanctuary and is in Guelph, Ontario at the University to finish a job placement that she needs for her schooling in Ireland. You could definitely tell how much she loves these lovable donkeys and the donkeys knew it too and really enjoyed her company. She was most delighted that she was able to mingle with the donkeys as a visitor, as that is not the practise at "her" Sanctuary.
I had a nice chat with a young man who was delighted to find out that Odin and him shared a birthday and had made the decision there to sponsor Odin for the next year. Way to go!
I love when people come and visit their sponsored donkeys and show such an interest in them and want to find out more about "their" donkey, and a lot of people are taking that as their opportunity or reason to come out for a visit.
Adam and I had a long chat yesterday too, about his job, about the donkeys, about the future plans for the DSC and all the daily happening here at the DSC. Of course one of our topics was Danny. Poor, sweet, lovable Danny, he has been on 24 hr a day stall rest for the last three weeks and he is not happy about it. His prognosis is still up in the air, if he is healable then he has a long journey ahead of him to heal and lots of stall rest. And if it's beyond help, well then a decision in his best interest will have to be mad. Omg I can't even imagine the DSC without Danny. He is such spokes donkey for it. He is one of the most agreeable, patient and lovable little creatures at the DSC and everybody's favourite. He is such a character, full of brays and love. So of course we are all praying and hoping the best for our dear little donkey friend.
We also talked about Jacques, who has lymphoma and is pretty much on borrowed time, could be weeks, months, we don't know. Right now he is comfortable and happy and still his old self. He is a very forceful donkey, who absolutely hates confinement, he needs special food throughout the day, so when it is feeding time he usually gets put in a stall to eat in peace and quite and to not have other donkeys or the sheeps eat his ration, but one better is on alert when he is close to finishing because as soon as he is done he wants out of the stall, and darts through the door. He is known to have broken a few gates right of the stall, he just doesn't like to be locked up and usually one of us just stands by the gate to keep others out and him in to finish his food, but he checks periodically if he can get out or not and if he knows he can, he relaxes and finishes his food, otherwise he totally goes bonkers.
While the carrot walk was going on I spent some quiet time with Juno over the fence, I had noticed that she was standing close to the fence even with visitors today, that is huge, and when I got to the fence, she just stayed there and let me pet her and scratch her ears. It was amazing, even when Solo came and butted in, she didn't take off. She has gotten so brave over the last few weeks. Good donkey girl.
After closing time as I was on my way out I got talking to a man, his companion and his mother and how wonderful their visit at the DSC was, and that the mother's favourite donkey was Hershey, well of course that's when we just went on and on about Hershey and his antics and stories. Well I don't care what anybody says, Hershey is still the cutest donkey on the farm, and there was at least one other person who agreed with mean who couldn't love a face like that?

Oh, and the two new goats got new names, usually when we take in abused or neglected animals we change their names, so they don't associate the name with the abuse or neglect anymore, so we were asked to think about names for them, and I suggested that they should be called "Thelma and Louise" for two reasons, because they are always together and they are always on the run, as they are  very skittish around people and the other animals. So today it was officially announced that they are Thelma and Louise. :)


Sharon said...

You really do love the donkeys, it's people like you that make the DSC work so well! It does sound like lots of work, but a labor of love isn't that much work now is it?

That Hershey really does have distinctive ears! What a sweetie!

Louise said...

I love the names Thelma and Louise. Fits to a T. Sounds like you had a hard, but fulfilling day yesterday. Hope your day today was as good.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You know the donkeys so well. I bet they appreciate your attention, too. I love Hershey! His markings, eyes, and unusual ears.
Great names for those two goats. Sounds like the names match the personalities. :)


polly's path said...

oh, wow, it sounds like a ton of work, but it takes people who love animals like you do to get it done by 10 am and have a smile on their face as they greet guests...
Hershey is so cute.
And i hope the other two babies who are not well get better very soon.

AJ-OAKS said...

I can see why you love Hershey so much. Looks darn near like Doughnut here. :)
Great names for the goats. Sounds like they fit perfectly.
Making 'that' final decision is one of the, if not 'the' hardest decision that is given to us. But at least we can choose to let them leave this world peacefully, respectfully and surrounded with love.
When you go back to DSC, give those donkeys a hug for me.
There is nothing on this planet like a donkey!