Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Local heroes, a homecoming and an autopsy

Today a local television news show will be at the DSC to report on their pick for" local heroes". The volunteers of the DSC have been chosen as "local heroes" this week. The segment will have an interview with the operation manager Kim and 2 volunteers, one long time one and a new one. They will be filming the ongoings at the farm and volunteers doing chores. It will be broadcasted tonight during the six o'clock news. Should be fun,  I am just glad to be in my boutique away from the action.

Orly, one of the original 12 rescued donkeys, back in 1991, will be coming home to the DSC. I have met Orly a few years back and she was an absolute delightful donkey. Orly was pregnant at the time of her admission to the DSC and gave birth to her daughter Pinta in early 1992,  unfortunately she will not return on a happy note, and definitely will need a lot of love and hugs. Orly has been living with her daughter Pinta for the last couple of years on a foster farm, where Pinta passed away suddenly on Monday. Pinta's body  has been brought to the OVC for a complete autopsy and results are hopefully in within the next few weeks. Right now Orly is at a farm of one of the DSC field officers and will make her trip to the DSC soon. Poor little soul, I know she will miss her daughter a lot as they have spent all their lives together. She will also be missed by her foster family, who had cared for her so lovingly over the last few years.  Rest in peace Pinta!


polly's path said...

oh, so sad. I know she will be surrounded with love as soon as she makes it there.

Louise said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Pinta. I hope that Orly will be all right, once she is back at the farm with other donkeys.

AJ-OAKS said...

How sad for Orly. Two years ago we brought in a donkey ( Pearl) whose donkey mom has suddenly passed away. Pearl was distraught after her mom's passing and nothing consoled her. When I got the phone call that the owners just didn't know what to do with Pearl, I told them to bring her here since there are other donkeys she can live with. Pearl's owners come to visit her a lot and are so happy that she is happy.
How exciting that the DSC will be on the news. You are going to have to tell us all about it!