Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now that feels better-----ahhhh!

Just soaked in a nice warm bath to soothe this aching body, but really more to warm up. Omg, by the time I got home, I was soaking wet to the bones and just freezing, even though I had the heat blasting all the way home. Well we worked our 'donkeys'  off, I got more steps in that I care to remember and I am paying the prize right now, tomorrow shall be a breeze, just dealing with expected 2000+ people if the weather will be somewhat nice. My thought process right now, let it rain as long as it wants right now maybe, just maybe it will have itself all rained out by tomorrow, I am praying for dry weather at least, warm temperatures and sun would be ideal, but that might be asking for a lot.
I was really anxious on the drive up there. ( Thank you to everybody for sharing their thoughts and experiences on that one in all your comments to the previous post. I really appreciated it) . I know my anxiety mostly comes from not knowing what is going to happen, and if it happens am I prepared to handle it and will I know how. I know I have the ability to foresee every little thing that  could happen and I am usually prepared for it. I was even talking with my friend Janice about this and she was just amazed at all the angles I had covered. Why the need to cover all my angles? Well I have had to many situations where people just let me down and fend for myself( not that I relied on them, but as a part of a team I would think you would stick together), or have thrown me in front of the wolves so to speak without any knowledge about things, or have used my ideas as their own etc. Mostly that's why I like to do things on my own, nobody to blame me, if I **** up than it's my **** up, I know it gets done and not have to rely on the word of others, that really sometimes means nothing as a lot of my experiences have shown, so I rather by in charge of me and only me. I am a team player, always have, I rather be a follower than a leader, but god damn I obviously need to change my game face, because it happened again today and it just totally baffles me, but hey today I changed my game plan according to the situation and am mighty proud of myself. But lets stay in order of the day. I got there about 30 minutes early and was just checking on some of my things and then Ruth, one of the big coordinators snagged me and dragged me with her for the next 30 minutes, she made a comment to me and I kept my mouth shut, usually I would have stated the truth, but you know what, if people think that of me, then well maybe I should start wearing that hat and just try it. Well she said, you will come with me because I need a right hand that thinks just like me, self talk between me and myself...well you are talking to the wrong person, and usually I would have said that out loud, but I kept quiet and just went with the flow, it felt really weird because she also said somebody who just does things without asking what do you want me to do, damn...not me again...I rather be told what I have to do and how exactly you want me to do it, then just go ahead and do it, but hey I can adapt, I guess. So we went to the upper barn to get a few of the tents that needed to be set up before having a short meeting about the chores ahead. At the short meeting it was decided who does what and I opted with three others to set up tables, we got a map and off to work we went...hmmmm damn and guess what everybody just said to me you look like you know what you are doing and just tell us where and what to do.....see what I do they figure that ? Ok I have set up my fair share of tables before, but nothing on this grand a scale nor did they know about that. So off I went to tell everybody where to go with how many tables and how to set them I had a clue???? lol yeah right.  But I guess well damn right I know what I am doing as I told some older lady who was bent out of shape that she didn't have any tables, that well lady I was way ahead of you and your tables were there before you were even ready for there. After all the tables were distributed to the designated spots we had to set up some of the tents. OMG, we laughed as neither of us could read instruction let alone follow them so  it took us forever to set the six tents up. Then I finally got to work on our tables for tomorrow, I say ours because guess what I am the friggin team leader for our game....maybe I am a good team leader, since I am not just one to hand out chores but always ask the other ones for input, or I tell them my vision and then let them make changes if they see necessary. I am not one that is bent on my way or the highway, I am open for suggestions at any point and have no problem admitting either when I have no idea or clue about what I am doing or am stuck on something. So who knows, still kind of trying to wrap my head around that one. After all that I spent some time with  the donkeys in the barn. Omg the donkeys were just too cute, they definitely know something is up, the main herd was mostly standing by the fence observing the hustle and bustle of the day. The donkeys in the barn yard were checking everything out ,with keen interest in every new thing that normally doesn't stand there. Some found new butt scratching tools, while others just needed to see what's on or under the tables or what the chairs were for.
I was looking for something else to do and decided together with Leigh to get some sand for the big puddle by the entrance to one of the main gates to the paddock, we had to shovel sand from  far  away and wheel it up the lane way. Well the sand was heavy as it had rained during the night and it took us both to move the wheel barrel up to where it needed to go, we were just on the way to the puddle with our second load, when the skies just opened up and we were drenched to the bones within a minute, by the time we got to the puddle,  our puddle was about four times bigger then before we started. there really was no need to do that anymore until the rain would end, and that wasn't going to happen any time soon. I helped with a few more things at the main tent and then it was time to go. Well for tomorrow I know at least what and how things will happen, at least the things that are under my own control and it shouldn't be too bad. I also met two of the three people on my team and they were great to work with, so that really is half the battle when you are on the same page with the people you work with.
I must say, it really is so much fun and I do have so much fun with all the new friends I have made there over the last few months. They are all amazing people....something to be said about like minded people, in this case animal lovers.
Well I am off to bed, it's going to be a long and busy day tomorrow,  I have to be there by 8:30 am, that means leaving my house some time after 7 am....have a good night!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Cheers! There is something to be said about doing something you love to do. Have a great day and shine like we all know you to shine.

Sharon said...

I hope the rain stops for you and the day goes well tomorrow. Yes, indeed, working with compatible people makes light work of the job! Just sorry you got so soaked and chilled.

Nearly 10:30 p.m. and it's still 82F, we have hot weather here!

Louise said...

Well, I was a lazy bones this morning, and you're probably long gone, but, I hope that you have a great day, and that the weather cooperates.