Monday, June 28, 2010

A bruise and a lovely award! know when you sometimes find bruises on your body and you have no idea what you did to cause it, well this time I know exactly what happened.........I am still working on wrapping my brain around my new adventure yesterday at the Donkey Farm. What always looked like so much fun, yet a little bit scary, from the view of a visitor, well it's a whole new ball game once you are on the other side of the fence, and I am sure this one will take a little bit to get used to. I can't say it was bad, it was not as easy as it looks thats for sure. It was a little bit scary but I didn't panic or freak out, but I can honestly say I was sweating profusely all of a sudden and I couldn't wait to get of the hill. I think I should get a t-shirt saying " I survived the carrot walk". Yup the carrot walk, this time I was not the end person, but the front woman with the bucket of apples and carrots and boy when thirty donkeys follow you and you have something they all one, it can get a little bit scary, because they do about anything to get to you. It started with big Cocoa pushing me along with his big head pretty much the whole way, and when I told him a firm "no" he let up a little bit, not so bad, and thank god the biggest pushers weren't in the crowd, Juliette is still on stall rest and Hershey is always having a "spa day" on Open Days. We walked along the fence and then up the hill and on top of the hill it was feeding frenzy, they knew it was time to get the carrots and apples and everybody just stormed me, pushed me, trying to get to me and my bucket of treats. Any where I turned there were donkeys  trying to get to me, the once who couldn't well they got a little bit nippy, so I am sporting today my first big donkey battle bruise on my arm where my sweet Apollo took a bite out of me....doesn't he know not to bite the hand that feeds him? Afterall he is one of my sponsored donkeys, lol. Well it definitely was an adventure, one that I kind of always wanted to embark on, but I might rethink that, well at least think about it for a while longer lol...and really it was just a fluke that it turned out to be that way, because we had an emergency right at that time and the vet was called and so the barn manager on duty was otherwise occupied, but we had tons of visitors there....hmmm wonder why some of the other volunteers opted out of this chance? lol Did they know? lol...but hey another thing of my bucket list, so to speak. So I am happy about that, at least I can say I have done it. :) And that is huge for me.

And speaking of donkeys, I received a lovely "Donkey"Award yesterday from Inger at, I love reading her blog, it's always so informative and interesting. Thank you so much Inger, I really appreciate it and all the nice things you said about my blog and me. The award was designed by Cindy at, who herself owns the cutest lawnmowers I have ever seen and lots of other critters on her little farm with a big heart. So check those two out, you will learn a lot and see the cutest pictures.


Louise said...

Hah! I learned very quickly not to feed my horse treats when turned out on pasture with others. Talk about getting mugged! I can just imagine what having all of those donkeys pushing and shoving was like. Hope your bruise heals quickly,

AJ-OAKS said...

Sorry but had to giggle about the carrot walk. It is the same here. If the donkeys even suspect I have something to eat, well, here they come getting all nosy and pushy. Silly longears!! lol
I am so happy you like the award. :)

Canyon Girl said...

See, you are overcoming and overcoming stuff. Thanks for your kind words about my

Tina said...

Louise-Getting mugged is the right choice of words for sure lol.
Cindy-my only thought at one point was, please don't let me fall now lol...I don't think I would have made it out of there alive lol...maybe I should have just tossed the whole bucket lol.
Inger-well it's about time that I am overcoming things lol....and well your blog is just what I said it was...I love visit it.
As I do Louise's and Cindy's. I have learnt so much from you guys.So thank you!

Sharon said...

Holy cow! I miss a lot when there are storms and I can't use the internet. There is NO WAY I would do that carrot walk! Just giving Piper a treat can be an ordeal for me! I hope your donkey bite heals fast!