Monday, May 17, 2010

You stand corrected....'s not horse**** ,it is donkey poop, well that was my story and I stuck to it, well actually it stuck to me.  What a wonderful warm sunny day at the sanctuary, yet so very busy. The 260 plus visitors sure kept us on our toes with their questions and inquiries. I saw a few familiar faces, so it's always nice to see people come back over and over again, some brought new friends with them and others introduced their families and wanted to share their experience with them. Hmmmm so far I have only shared this experience with my daughter out of my circle of family and friends. Oh well, not everybody has the passion and love for these critters as I do, but it's nice when you meet people who kind of got hooked on the DSC after their first visit. Cate is really becoming like a mother hen with me, and always checks in with me throughout the day and I think she has me figured out to a t too, which is fine, makes things so much easier for me. I  have noticed that she knows how hesitant I can be about certain things while being there, but she is always there with a loving little push to get me going in the right direction or to have me try something new. She  has all these little favours to ask me to do for her regarding the care of the animals, and even so she knows I have never done many of these things before, she has enough trust in me to do them and to do them right, and I love doing them anyway, but would never ask on my own if I could do them. So I am grateful  for her little pushes. Today I got to play " donkey nurse" and cleaned out some of the bite wounds of one of the donkeys.  The donkey boys have really been getting at each other lately, more though when there is a donkey girl in heat around. I was also sent to catch one of the donkeys that usually isn't on the special side, and take her and her son back over to the other side. It was a little bit of a struggle to catch her, but once I got a hold of her, I wouldn't let go and was just trying to keep up with her trying to get away from me. After being haltered she was no problem to take back to the dark side and her son followed with no problem too.
Some time in the afternoon we had a party of 30 kids arrive at the Sanctuary, and it was very crowded and a little bit overwhelming for some of the donkeys, like my sweet Buffy, I shielded her as much as possible from the kids and we really had to crowd control the number of people in the barn. Buffy did not leave my side for the rest of the afternoon, only after peace and quiet had returned to the barnyard, did she feel comfortable enough to do her own thing again, but as soon as I came near her, she would just cuddle up against me. Such a cutie! And then other donkeys just absolutely love it the more the merrier....that would be Danny, Summer, Ms. Jenners and the three Amigos. They just blossom under all this attention and can't get enough of it. They actually follow people once they move on to another donkey.

This is the birthday boy! Tengen turned 12 yesterday! He was born on the DSC Farm. His mother was pregnant at the time of her admittance.


Louise said...

Sounds like you had a great day. You're getting more and more involved with the donkeys, and I think that's a good thing. They are very worthy creatures to become involved with.

Happy Birthday to Tengen!

Tina said...

I know Louise, and it's not that I don't want to get involved more and more, it's just takes me a long long time to get comfortable in a certain role and I am such an observer first then a doer. As I said I am so grateful that Cate has recognized that in me and is helping me along my way. Makes it so much easier for me. She really is someone special.

Sharon said...

'Morning Tina,
Sounds like a good Sunday. How many donkeys do they have there? Is there treats people can buy, to feed the donkeys, like they have in some zoos? I mean like carrots or apples.

Just starting my day, have a good one!

Tina said...

Hi Sharon, we have 56 donkeys, 9 mules, 4 sheeps and 1 goat on site, there are another 46 donkeys on some of our forster farms. Nobody but staff is allowed to feed the animals, except the occasional treat after grooming. Lots of people bring carrots and are disappointed that they are not allowed to feed, but mostly out of health reasons for the donks and safety reason for the people. We do take food donations and they are then used for the carrot walk at the end of the day.

Hope you are enjoying your day, is it sunny where you are?

AJ-OAKS said...

Awwww, warms the heart that Buffy looks to you for comfort. You are doing an amazing job at being a Donkey Mom!
Uh, kids and so many at one time! The older I get, the less I want to be around kids. My hat is off to you for your patience.
Heck, before you know it you are going to be on the front lines, chomping at the bit, educating whoever comes through the gates there!

Tina said...

Now now Cindy...don't push it lol....not my thingy lol....I like the background I am so much better there....for my own sanity and safety