Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walking Challenge! WEEK 1

Ok with the first week of our Wellness Committee Walking Challenge well behind us, we have managed torack up over 402.000 steps as a team and that put us in 12 th place ( out of 25), not bad for the first timers, but I must say we definitely can do better, maybe not me personally lol, but a few of the young ones could really pull their weight a little bit more, I am thinking if I can get my FA moving like that every single day, it shouldn't be such a chore for them, since they are all athletic out and about young women, but the results showed the my coworker P.I.C. and I got close to 200.000 of the 400.000 alone. So we challenged the girls to do better this week. I know I am giving it my all and actually a little bit more than I have, and I will continue even if it will kill me... lol  Today however I am way below my daily maxium, not sure why, but I still have some catching up to do for today....."GO Doug's Divas GO". Woo hoo. I just pulled about  a muscle doing the chant here, better sit back down.  Well of to a much bigger challenge in a few minutes...and it better paid off......we' ll see.


Sharon said...

Boy, it sure does sound like the other gals are not nearly up to speed on their steps! How far is 200,000 steps, anyway? Do you wear a pedometer on your ankle, wrist or somewhere else?

Good going!

Tina said...

Hi Sharon, 200.000 steps are roughly 100 km. And yes I wear a pedometer, it's on my belt.