Thursday, May 27, 2010

OMG can it be any hotter for the end of may?

It was so hot  yesterday, it was actually hard to stand and I usually like heat and summer, but  wow this was a little bit too much too soon. I dropped off my daughter at school and then drove up to the Sanctuary, I thought I get there earlier so I can help clean up before we actually open. I got there about 1 1/2 before my day at the welcome centre was suppose to begin, as I drove up the long driveway, not a donkey in sight, reached the parking lot, still no donkey. I walked down the barnyard lane and everything looked clean, and again no donkeys. Hmmm I am wondering if I got the wrong day or something, but the donkeys should have been around at least, once I got to the corner of the barn, well there they were, all of them still inside the barn where it was nice and cool, most of them remained in there all day. Paco was in the midst of being shaving and getting a bath afterwards, which he really didn't like. There was one other volunteer and she had been there early and cleaned up already, guess it helps if you only life a few minutes away lol... We then had to venture into the dark side to clean, ok by now I have done the dark side a few times by myself, once when it was almost empty, and another time when there were a few donkeys in it, but yesterday all the donkeys were in it, so that was a little bit nerve wrecking, but I did it anyway and it was not so bad, you just have to be aware of what is going on around you a little bit more. Of course being nosey and friendly the donkeys had to come and check us out and that made the job take a little bit longer, while cleaning we were also freeing donkey heads from burrs, omg some where just covered in them. We had a whole fully loaded wheel barrow of poop when one of the donkeys decided that the handle of the wheel barrow made for a good butt scratching tool and there it went the whole barrow tipped over and we had to start again. They really are no help at all, aren't they? By eleven o' clock, we had probably 97 % of all the visitors for the day, doesn't mean it was a quiet day, just means everybody decided to come before it even got hotter. I was sharing my time between boutique and welcome center, as the usual girl I work with wasn't there and the one that worked for her is also involved in so many other things that she really didn't stay at her post. But boy it sure was hot, one was even sweating from doing nothing by standing around. I got a few steps in for my walking challenge as I kept walking up and down the parking lot, which also earned me a nice sunburn on the back of my neck and I must say my tan is coming along nicely.
At three thirty we got the carrot walk started, but we even shortened that today, and Adam just took them past the parking lot, funny to watch, as they followed him to the spot where he feeds them the carrots and pretty much right after we had the reversed walk, as they all went back to the barn to get cooled much for being a desert animal lol. After my shift ended I spent some time with Buffy under the trees  and then went home. After a  quick bite to eat it was off to stitching night at the centre. Woo hoo.


Louise said...

It sure is hot. I am dreading July and August, if the temperature keeps ramping up like it has. We're not going to be able to do anything but sit inside.

Smart donkeys to stay inside, too. Even my cats (desert animals, also) are seeking the cool spots.

Sharon said...

It's so hot and humid here, I don't even want to go out the door. I don't blame the donkeys one bit. Even a few degrees cooler - is cooler. Jill, who normally stays outside all day and only comes inside to eat or drink, only stays outside for a little while.

AJ-OAKS said...

Thankfully it hasn't even got close to being hot here. All week it has been rain and cooler temps. As far as I'm concerned the hot temps can stay away.

Canyon Girl said...

I'm with you, the longer it stays cold the better. Two days ago it was 26 degrees here in the morning -- now it's in the 50s -- perfect! Every time I open your blog,I SMILE!