Friday, May 07, 2010

This really is not a great place to work

Ok besides being a job that doesn't feel like a job, and those are the best jobs, it really isn't a great place to work at....oh the tempations.....we carry everything from T-shirts, Hoodies, Nighties, hats, wall hangers, pictures, cards, photocards, notepads, bracelets and earrings, pins, glasses and mugs, puzzles, pillows, books, votive holders, bookmarks and books, paintings, christmas ornaments, tea towels to, of course lots of, stuffies. We do have some very unique, handcrafted, and absolutely lovely items, like the donkey and sheep tiles or wall hangings or brooches as in the smaller version, they are absolutely beautiful. Another very cute item are the felt spun donkeys, they are just adorable, every single one is different and just too cute.
Here is my stash so far....
One new DSC shirt (which I wasn't too crazy about in the beginning but I love the back of it), photo card of my all time favourite picture ever seen on the DSC webpage....Gordon and Lucky, a bracelet, a felt spun donkey and a pewter bookmark (for a friend), but the rest is all mine....he he he...I can be quite selfish when it comes to DSC things...there are a few items on my wish list, like e.g. the coffee mugs, they are really cute, not your typical mug, but a glass mug with a donkey head edged into the glass, a ceramic wall hanging and the pewter ornament, so not really that big of a list...:).


Louise said...

Well, at least I don't see a real donkey in that stash.

Sharon said...

Just so you don't go "in the hole" lol! That gift shop has quite the assortment to tease you!

Jodie said...

Ohhhh COOL!!!

I need to send my Mom here- she's always on a hunt for donkey stuff to buy me for birthdays, Christmas etc. Her obsession right now is a lawn donkey carying a cart that acts as a flower planter. She goes into garden centers and asks for this, and people think she's crazy LOL!