Thursday, May 06, 2010

Something is missing!

Ok, needless to say I hardly slept the night before yesterday and the night prior I had a stupid dream that my alarm didn't go of and I woke up at 8:15 and had to be at the job for 9 am....I don't even use an alarm, because I am always up at a certain time, so chances of that happening where slim, but I guess in my dream state it was quite real...Driving up to the Sanctuary, ok and here is where it can get quite ugly, I went thru my usual thought process, it's like on autopilot, to the point I was ready to throw up and in tears, thinking what the heck are you doing, you can't do this, this is so not who you are and bla bla bla bla, we all know those stupid stories that float in your mind. It was a beautiful sunny day, a little bit windy, but that kept the temperature at a nice comfortable level. I got there and met  up with Cate, who is usually a Volunteer animal caregiver, as her and I will share the Wednesday jobs in taking turns as for the boutique and Welcome Centre. When I first met Cate in December and was under her watchful eye as I got my first volunteer hours in, I wasn't very fond of her, not because she is not nice or whatever, but she just seemed very rough to me, and since I can be a little bit sensitive at times, but definitely not take things personally, and I can accept people as they are, and that's just how she was, well with  me at least. I haven't really seen her for a couple of months until the first OPEN DAY, since she was off to take care of her elderly parents, who were both in their mid nineties ( her mom just passed away recently). She was so happy to see me and has been absolutely wonderful to me, and now I get the Cate that I have seen her be with other people before, an absolutely amazing woman. She gotta be in her late fifties, if not older, tiny little lady, but she has spunk it's unreal and it's nothing to see her climb over the fences to get to the donkeys. Hey I am in my 40s and you won't see me climb over a fence anytime soon. lol....not gonna happen. After a short time Ruth came and showed us the ropes, where to get all the things we need, what to do first and so on and on, not really a big deal. It turned out that I was in the boutique yesterday, and it was fun, there are a few things to do every day and then there is mostly upkeep and the dealing with the customers/ visitors. I had a slow day and of course like always, when they come they come in groups and it gets hectic, but since it is such a nice, peaceful and calm environment I don't really anticipate any "horrible" customers. I was of course my usual self, quite and reserved in the beginning but then once I am comfortable I am good to go. Now next week will be kind of the same pre jitters again, because again it's gonna be something totally new and this thing with the Welcome Centre is really totally out of my comfort zone, but hey I am sure I will survive.
I had a short time with Pansy and Panne at lunchtime as I took a short break and later in the afternoon I had a visit from Augusta right by the boutique on the other side of the fence. At 4 pm I closed up shop, went down to the barn to get a few things and to say hi to BUFFY  and then I was back on the road on the way home. As I am leaving the gate of the Sanctuary it accured to me that something was missing,  and something was just not right here...... I spent the whole day at the Sanctuary and neither me or my car smelt like that is just not right. 


Louise said...

Oh no! No donkey smell in the car is indeed a tragedy! Make sure that you remedy that next time.

Seriously, it sound like you had a great first day. How nice that it's the start of many more.

Sharon said...

It sounds like you had a full day!

No donkey smell? You know, people who work in a hospital, don't notice that smell either. :-) I used to live where there were nothing but pine trees, my girlfriend visited and she commented about how lovely it must be to smell the pine all day. I couldn't smell it.

I hope you are having another good day!

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my, you are just going to have to do something about getting that donkey smell! Next time, before leaving, go rub yourself on one of the donks. That way you will have great aroma to bring home with you.
Very happy you had a great day.

Tina said...

Yes it was a great day, but I really missed the interaction with the donkeys all day long. I did see them, but was not really up close and personal long enough. lol.....but that's what Sundays will be fore. :)