Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank you Sharon!

Thank You, Sharon at Life with Jack and Jill for this award. For the award I'm supposed to post 10 things about me, and 5 things I don't like and pass it on to 10 bloggers. I will try my best.
Ten Things about me:
1. I collect donkeys and moose(s)  ( what really is the plural of moose?) and rocks/stones
2. Right now I have lived half my life in Germany and the other half in Canada.
3. I love to travel and go sightseeing!
4. I think I am finally at a place in my life where I can say I am happy, doesn't mean by far that things are perfect or couldn't be better, but in general I am happy with the choices I make, how I have put me back on the list of important things, and what I do. 
5. I love hanging out with my friends
6. I love being a volunteer at the Donkey Sanctuary for various reasons.
7. I like to sit by the water and just listen for the waves rolling into shore.
8. My favourite colours are blue, green and turquoise
9. I am an observer foremost :)
10. My favourite flower is a carnation.

Five things I don't like:
1. I hate lentil soup
2. people who think they are better than others and treating others as if they were not equal, we all put our pants on the same way each morning lol one leg at a time. 
3. people who litter
4. people who are cruel to animals
5. I don't like to be late for things.

Now, I would like to pass this award on to 

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Sharon said...

Interesting... do you have family in Germany? I think the plural is moose, some of those are tricky plural or is that plurals? Haha. I love the water too! I love carnations! My favorite color is green. But, I love lentil soup, haha.

Kerry said...

Hi there, I loved your blog today. Very interesting. Thanks for the award, now you know me pretty well I am not that computer friendly..... how do I get the reward? Or is it better that I just say thank you very much! Hope you have a good week end. How was your Thursday night?

Tina said...

Sharon- yes until two a few weeks ago I was the only one of my family residing in Canada, now I have a second cousin living on the other side of Canada.
Well I think the plural of moose should be meese, you know like goose and geese.

Kerry- you get the award just because of being you...that's was good enough for me lol...well just because you are a "gorgeous blogger", well else do you want just say Thank you and give me a hug next time you see me lol.....Thursday was ok, I was down a little.woo hoo...How was the DARE graduation? Can't believe it is that time of the year already again....hope you will enjoy your long weekend..