Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Saturday!

* This morning as I am sitting at the PC, I heard the cat throwing up in the background, usually it's Buffy, whose name at these times will change to Barfy, so I wait till she is done and get up to clean it....crap....she puked all over my brand new shoes...thanks a lot! I was not happy!

* I drive up to the DSC for an outside workshop and  it is pouring rain like crazy, great.....not that I am made of sugar and would melt, but I just don't like to be soaking wet while doing something.

* The workshop was a lot of fun, I definitely learnt a lot and that's what I have been missing from volunteering with Cate on the few Mondays that I did.... Adam has always been way to busy with his job to take  time  out to teach or show and make people more comfortable. We learnt a few neat tricks that will make things a little bit easier, those were things that stopped me from doing a few things, I think I will definitely be more confident in dealing with most of the donkeys, ok maybe not quite Juliette or Hershey or Solo but everybody else should be manageable. My practice donkey today was Boliver, and well he can be a handful and  he sure made me work today for my knowledge of know-how. But in all, he was a good donkey boy.
I also met up with Cheryl again, finally, I haven't seen her since December so that was nice. She really is a sweetheart and kind soul.

* On the drive home I saw a few wild turkeys, that was kind of neat. Wish they could come to my bird feeder as they do to Louise's at "Living retired in Western New York state,  I think that is so cool.

*  As it stopped raining for a little while I took the opportunity to go for  a walk around the block up to a friend's house, but nobody was home, so I walked back home to run into one of the mom's of one of my team mate asking me if I am trying to get my steps in...damn right I was...and I said to her, well I hope your daughter isn't lounging on the couch watching TV and she just laughed. After all it seems that the two "oldies" on the team are really trying very hard and are taking this very serious  and good for us. Monday is the first time we  will submit our steps for the week and we will see how the youngsters are doing lol.

* Sitting here thinking that I should really start getting me *** in gear and work on my little " cheat paper" for the Welcome Center" and then there are so many little things to do for next week. Oh joy!

* Still pondering what to do about a certain situation, really weighs heavy on me, and I don't want to be a part of it, but I know somehow I ended up right again smack middle and it makes me very uneasy and uncomfortable, but I am not sure if I can just suck this one up and deal with it the way I feel would be right. I hate being me at times...Arrrrgggghhhhh! If I would have to say what my talent is, I would have to say "be at the wrong place at the wrong time" is really my forte.....:(


Sharon said...

Oh.... I dang near puke myself when the cat throws up! She's been a lot better with the fur ball problem since I clean her up with the Furminator.

Working is the rain can be bothersome at least it isn't real chilly.

Wild turkeys, there are some around here, I had a hen walk through the yard, of course, I ran in the house to get the camera and she was gone!

Have a nice evening!

Louise said...

The turkeys are one thing, Tina, but the Canada geese are quite another. Luckily I don't get too many, just one pair. Tonight, I was out in the garage getting some corn to put down for the birds. When I turned around, there was the female, standing at the garage entrance. Mr. Goose was close behind. They followed me over to the feeder and started eating as soon as I threw the corn down. They didn't even mind when some landed on them. Cheeky brats.

I have one cat who throws up. She's a good girl, and always tries to make it to the kitchen where it is easier to clean up, so I don't get upset when she doesn't make it.

No rain here, in spite of the predictions. Just heat and building humidity.

Tina said...

Lucky you, Buffy never makes it anywhere but the carpet, if I catch her in time...I try to get her on the floor at least lol...