Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh my!

Have I spent too much time on the Donkey Farm? lmao....well it's quite an incident at work showed today, I was "herding" some kids to the bathroom with clicking sounds to get them going....oh my god, I can't believe I did that...
...on other donkey notes...Jacques came back from the animal hospital yesterday, his prognosis is not good, but he is home and in the care of the ones who love him, where he is comfortable and will remain until his end, no matter how near or far it will be.
...having had a great time with Cate yesterday, wow, I really am in awe of her and admire her greatly, I have learnt so much from her, and despite her rough exterior her heart is made of gold and her love for these longears has no limit to what she will do for them. We had some very interesting chats about some not so nice topics but also had a great time just joking around too.
...even though I really miss my alone time in the barn, having the interaction and fun and friendship with the other volunteers has made me feel very at home at the DSC and that's huge for me. Well really most of them I have known for over five years, but just really got to know now as being part of their group. It's very nice to have fun people around, with the same interests and goals and to work towards them besides having my Stitching sisters, I am having my furry and not furry donkeyfriends. How blessed am I?


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Anonymous said...

whats happening with jack? Is he the one you just found a bit ago?

Tina said...

Tammy the french is starting to get to you lol...Jack is our newest kitty, Jacques is one of the donks at the Sanctuary. They believe he has a tumor, but no conclusive test results yet, he definitely is not well. Jack on the other side is living a high life here at our place and he is an absolute sweetheart....when are you coming stitching again?