Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday!

This morning, after dropping of my daughter at school, I accompanied a friend to Hamilton to get her passport papers handed in and it was surprisingly really fast, of course that is only the case when I go as company, if it would have been my turn to do my passport I would have waited hours more that we took a trip to her old stomping grounds and it was nice to see where she grew up, and it's a lovely tiny little town to begin with. We also visited a local craft store, and got lots of ideas and reminders of the things we should be doing. Upon returning home we stopped for a coffee/tea at Williams, where else and went then the fabric store to get the rest of the fabric for my singing donkeys. I am so excited, they will turn out just amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product...YEA! Now I am back at my house, and in my search for pictures came across a few old pics of my boys...oh how cute they once were, I mean they still are, but when they were little they were especially cute. So I got a little bit sidetracked from the task ahead, but found the pictures I was looking for eventually. Now it's on to finding the right spot to post them lol...always fun to do that. NOT! Still need to do some laundry and make dinner, so the gang can eat while I head to work tonight. Hmmm wonder how that will be, usually it's been very quiet, so maybe I get to do some other work lol...We will see! Hope everybody is enjoying their Monday!


Louise said...

Well, now that you've told us how cute your boys were when they were little, you're required to post pictures proving it!

Enjoy your dinner, a given, and work, too, if you can.

Tina said...

Check out October 23 entries lol....