Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Buffy

Buffy is my newest adopted donkey and she is my bested buddy on the Farm.
Buffy is a light coloured, gray brown standard donkey who was born in 1980. During the years before she was brought to the DSC, she live on a donkey breeding farm. Eventually the farm had to be sold and Buffy along with 11 other donkeys were slated to be taken to an equine auction.
When Sandra Pady, who lived nearby, was told of the probable fate of these animals ( that they would be sold to the slaughterhouse representative if no oher interested buyer was in attendance at the time of the auction), she arranged to have them brought to her farm. Subsequently, other donkeys in need were taken in and within a year (1992) the Sanctuary was established as a not for profit charity.
Buffy is a reserved donkey, often hesitant around people. At first she preferred only the company of the other donkeys in the main herd. Then one day a regular Sanctuary volunteer began to take a special interest in Buffy. Several times a week the volunteer  would come to the DSC , stand close to the shy donkey and talk quietly to her. Gradually  Buffy began to relax and eventually she become able to stand calmly to be petted and brushed or to have her hooves trimmed by a farrier. Buffy is an important part of the DSC. She is a reminder to us all that positive, gentle treatment of animals always bring the best results.

Buffy sure is one of the highlights of my visits to the Farm every week and I kind of dread the time when she has to go join the others in the main herd again on the other side, hopefully we will keep the bond we have now.  She is an absolute sweetheart.

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AJ-OAKS said...

Pretty amazing what a kind, gentle, patient hand can do! Bless you for stepping up to the plate and helping those wonderful longears know what a good life is. Every little bit really does make a differance.